London respond to Zuccotti Park incident

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London city officials said Tuesday that anti-capitalist protesters living in camps outside St. Paul's Cathedral would face legal actions that would result in removing the camps.

Authorities in the cathedral and the City of London Corporation, the London city governing body, initiated legal actions that postponed two weeks ago and denied that the actions were not motivated by eviction taken place in Zuccotti Park where Occupy Wall Street protesters camped, the Washington Post reported.

What motivated authorities to restart the legal actions were unclear but the decisions might be made under necessity of bringing back to normal that is shared by opponents of Occupy Wall Street, according to the New York Times.

Stimulated by the news about Zuccotti Park eviction and restart of legal actions, London protesters marched outside U.S. embassy to protest violent actions taken place at Occupy Wall Street and to request a meeting with an ambassador, Time reported.

The Washington Post said the London protest started on Oct. 15, and the failure to solve the protest led to resignations of both cathedral's dean and senior priest.

200 protesters lived in tents near the cathedral, and having oatmeal and a cup of coffee became routine for many of those, New York Times said.

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