Peaceful Protesters were arrested in Minnesota

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11 protesters were arrested Thursday for impeding traffic on a bridge near the University of Minnesota.
The protest took place on the bridge at 10th Avenue to demand some actions for jobs and racial equality, the Pioneer Express reported.
Sgt, Bill Palmer said protest organizers notified the police when and where the protest would take place so that the protester anticipated the likelihood of the arrest, according to the Pioneer Express.
at least 30 university students participated in the protest, but there is no information that students were arrested, the Minnesota Daily reported.
The Minnesota Daily said that in the Thursday's afternoon, students, organizers and citizens repeated loudly their agendas, such as an affordable tuition, no cutting spending on education and corporations' avarice, at Northrop Plaza.
Pioneer Express identified that there were at least 40 people and said protesters cried "Up with people" and down with greed."
The Minnesota Daily reported that one of the protesters gathered at Northrop Plaza was holding an American flag that put corporations'' trademarks instead of stars.
The protest on the bridge lasted no more than 30 minutes, The Minnesota Daily said.

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