Wall Steet Protesters Never Give Up

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While Zuccotti Park regained peace after Wall Street protesters were evicted, The Wall Street protesters planned Thursday new demonstrations.
Even though police retained barricades to prevent protesters from conducting more aggressive protests on Wall Street and Zuccotti Park, they would plan to start protests on Wall Street and to meet in the park again, the Wall Street Journal reported.
City officials said that it would cost $3 million to keep police present to maintain safety at Zuccotti Park a month if protesters conduct demonstration in the park, the New York Time reported.
The New York Times said that Marc La Vorgna, a spokesman for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said barricades was once removed two weeks ago but reinstalled because of concerns that protesters might show up again.
Wall Street Journal said protesters at the park were aggressive. On Wednesday, police arrested 29-year-old Bronx man Nkrumah Tinsley on charge of uttering threats in a violent way.
The Wall Street Journal said that anti-rich movement on Wall Street has had impact on Wall Street and a few areas like Zuccotti Park, but has not impeded commuters and city's operations.

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