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Payroll Tax Holiday Debates Continue in Senate

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Republican and Democrat in Senate failed Thursday to gain bipartisan supports for two different bills for extension of a payroll tax relief.

A Democrat-sponsored bill did not gain Republican supports, but Republican-sponsored bill did not generate supports from both Republican and Democrat, according to the National Public Radio reported.

While the Democrat-sponsored bill included extension of the payroll tax cut with new tax on millionaires, the Republican-sponsored bill included fixed federal pay and reduction of federal jobs up to 200,000, the Public Broadcast Service reported.

The Public Broadcast Service said that Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, minority leader, said that federal employees have become more bigger and richer so that rather than going to take some actions on private-sector workers, the government should take some actions on the employees.

Some of Republicans wondered to what extent the renewal of the payroll tax cut has impact on economy and Social Security, but Republican Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, house speaker, said there is no doubt that the payroll tax relief would stimulate economy and that would be a good thing for every worker, according to the National Public Radio.

Paradox of roles in the Congress comes in term of payroll tax. Democrat is in favor of tax cut, but Republican, known as anti-tax groups, insisted on raising tax. If renewal of the payroll tax relief would not be done by next month, average American family would lose $900 earnings a year, the National Public Radio said.

After Reassessment, Cain Suspended His campaign

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Reassessing his presidential campaign, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain announced Saturday his major decision in Atlanta that he would suspend his campaign amid continued sexual accusations.

One of focal points of his dropout from the presidential candidate race is how he reached the decisions. Aljazeera and CBS News do not explicitly say how the decision made, but readers can infer from the news that the sexual allegations are related to his decisions.

CBS News interviewed Cain and shared what Cain said in the interview about his interaction with his wife, Gloria. The news organization said that Cain said he understood the pain existing inside her when she assured that she was on his side and did not want his wife and family to endure the pain caused by sexual accusations. Aljazeera included a similar story but did not mention his wife thus failed to capture his feelings toward his wife and family .

The announcement would affect Cain's supporters in various ways. While CBS news reported reactions from supporters gathered at the rally, Aljazeera paid attention to how support would move. Aljazeera said that Newt Gingrich would be likely to gain more support because Cain, even though he did not say whom he endorsed, would be likely to support Gingrich.

Also, the difference between CBS News and Aljazeera appeared in term of policies. CBS News mentioned Cain's domestic tax plan that would fix income, sale and corporation tax at 9 percent, but Aljazeera reported his ignorance of policy issues.

Gloria said after the announcement that he decided to withdraw from the Republican candidate Friday before he arrived at his home, according to CBS News.

The Fox News said Cain would launch an organization to promote his agendas, such as the tax plan and his foreign policy.

Marking the Highest Turnout, but Dissatification Exists.

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Egyptian officials said Friday that first round of voting in Egyptian parliamentary election resulted in the highest turnout in Egypt's history, but fears still remained among Egyptian constituents.

The turnout was 62 percent, meaning that approximately eight million constituents of Egypt voted in the first round election to choose officials of the lower House, Aljazeera reported.

The Freedom and Justice Party, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, expected that two candidates from the party would win the election, and the party predicted that the conservative Salafi Al-Nur Party was believed to gain 30 percent of the vote, Euronews reported.

Euronews said that protesters that overturned a military regime by former leader Hosni Mubarak concerned that the religiously oriented party would get advantage out of revolution to prevail their extreme religious views even if the regime no longer wielded power to control citizens.

Dissatisfaction with rises of religiously motivated party came from women. 29 year-old Egyptian human right activist Dalia Ziada who has run for a representative of the Hizb EIAdl Party established by young people for the sake of promotion of middle ground in religious and political issues said that if the parties gained majority, they would discourage equal rights by excluding articles designed for the rights from constitutions, the National Public Radio reported.

Aljazeera said that a female candidate Nihal Aahdi said that a reason women could not participate in the first round election is attributable to religious parties.

In the electoral system, the votes have rights to cast two votes for individual candidates and one vote for a party, according to Aljazeera.

Executive chairman of Google visited Minnesota Wednesday to share his knowledge to students of the University of Minnesota and small business owners.

At the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that in order to solve copyright violations, Congress should find who actually post the copyright works rather than taking some actions against companies that provides sites with the illegally obtained materials posted by the violators, the FOX 9 News reported.

Also, Schmidt shared one of projects that Google has currently worked on, which gave audience at the University of Minnesota ideas of how the new product would work, Kare11 News reported.

Kare 11 News said that the chairman had a talk with Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and local business owners at the CoCo (Co-working and Collaborative space), where Grain Exchange was once operated.

Inside the CoCo, Schmidt said to the crowd of entrepreneurs that Google provides the means of increasing both customers and revenues with a small amount of money, CBS Minnesota reported.

Started his career in Google as CEO in 2001 and served nearly 10 years, Schmidt positions an executive chairman of the company as an adviser, Kare11News said.

Construction Halfway, but Challenges Remains

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While traffic density on the University Avenue came to less intense as most parts of construction on half of the avenue was compete Wednesday, but business still faced challenges.

Light rail project spokesperson Laura Baenen said the contractor promised that they would be able to complete the roadway by Nov. 30, but they would close the road temporarily to work on incomplete projects of the roads and sidewalks that would end during December, KSTP-TV reported.

St. Paul City Council member Russ Stark said it way happy to see the new paved road, but casted doubt on whether the contractor Walsh Construction could meet the deadline because construction was behind the plan, the Minnesota Public Radio reported.

The firm struggled with completing construction in accordance with the plan. The Minnesota Public Radio said that the Metropolitan Council acknowledged that the delay happened due to a lack of construction workers for months.

Walsh Construction would face rigid penalty if they could not have finish the construction by Nov 30, which was deadline, according to the Minnesota Public Radio.

Small business owners complained constructions. Business owners said that loans provided by the city were not enough to compensate the loss of the profits from the construction, the Minnesota Public Radio reported. They have asked judges to stop the construction because study on the impact of the project on business is not sufficient.

Finished the construction between Emerald Street and Hamline Avenue, construction between Hamline Avenue and Rice Avenue is expected to heavy once winter gets mild, KSTP-TV reporter Tim Sherno said.

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