After Reassessment, Cain Suspended His campaign

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Reassessing his presidential campaign, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain announced Saturday his major decision in Atlanta that he would suspend his campaign amid continued sexual accusations.

One of focal points of his dropout from the presidential candidate race is how he reached the decisions. Aljazeera and CBS News do not explicitly say how the decision made, but readers can infer from the news that the sexual allegations are related to his decisions.

CBS News interviewed Cain and shared what Cain said in the interview about his interaction with his wife, Gloria. The news organization said that Cain said he understood the pain existing inside her when she assured that she was on his side and did not want his wife and family to endure the pain caused by sexual accusations. Aljazeera included a similar story but did not mention his wife thus failed to capture his feelings toward his wife and family .

The announcement would affect Cain's supporters in various ways. While CBS news reported reactions from supporters gathered at the rally, Aljazeera paid attention to how support would move. Aljazeera said that Newt Gingrich would be likely to gain more support because Cain, even though he did not say whom he endorsed, would be likely to support Gingrich.

Also, the difference between CBS News and Aljazeera appeared in term of policies. CBS News mentioned Cain's domestic tax plan that would fix income, sale and corporation tax at 9 percent, but Aljazeera reported his ignorance of policy issues.

Gloria said after the announcement that he decided to withdraw from the Republican candidate Friday before he arrived at his home, according to CBS News.

The Fox News said Cain would launch an organization to promote his agendas, such as the tax plan and his foreign policy.

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