Construction Halfway, but Challenges Remains

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While traffic density on the University Avenue came to less intense as most parts of construction on half of the avenue was compete Wednesday, but business still faced challenges.

Light rail project spokesperson Laura Baenen said the contractor promised that they would be able to complete the roadway by Nov. 30, but they would close the road temporarily to work on incomplete projects of the roads and sidewalks that would end during December, KSTP-TV reported.

St. Paul City Council member Russ Stark said it way happy to see the new paved road, but casted doubt on whether the contractor Walsh Construction could meet the deadline because construction was behind the plan, the Minnesota Public Radio reported.

The firm struggled with completing construction in accordance with the plan. The Minnesota Public Radio said that the Metropolitan Council acknowledged that the delay happened due to a lack of construction workers for months.

Walsh Construction would face rigid penalty if they could not have finish the construction by Nov 30, which was deadline, according to the Minnesota Public Radio.

Small business owners complained constructions. Business owners said that loans provided by the city were not enough to compensate the loss of the profits from the construction, the Minnesota Public Radio reported. They have asked judges to stop the construction because study on the impact of the project on business is not sufficient.

Finished the construction between Emerald Street and Hamline Avenue, construction between Hamline Avenue and Rice Avenue is expected to heavy once winter gets mild, KSTP-TV reporter Tim Sherno said.

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