Payroll Tax Holiday Debates Continue in Senate

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Republican and Democrat in Senate failed Thursday to gain bipartisan supports for two different bills for extension of a payroll tax relief.

A Democrat-sponsored bill did not gain Republican supports, but Republican-sponsored bill did not generate supports from both Republican and Democrat, according to the National Public Radio reported.

While the Democrat-sponsored bill included extension of the payroll tax cut with new tax on millionaires, the Republican-sponsored bill included fixed federal pay and reduction of federal jobs up to 200,000, the Public Broadcast Service reported.

The Public Broadcast Service said that Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, minority leader, said that federal employees have become more bigger and richer so that rather than going to take some actions on private-sector workers, the government should take some actions on the employees.

Some of Republicans wondered to what extent the renewal of the payroll tax cut has impact on economy and Social Security, but Republican Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, house speaker, said there is no doubt that the payroll tax relief would stimulate economy and that would be a good thing for every worker, according to the National Public Radio.

Paradox of roles in the Congress comes in term of payroll tax. Democrat is in favor of tax cut, but Republican, known as anti-tax groups, insisted on raising tax. If renewal of the payroll tax relief would not be done by next month, average American family would lose $900 earnings a year, the National Public Radio said.

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