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Executive chairman of Google visited Minnesota Wednesday to share his knowledge to students of the University of Minnesota and small business owners.

At the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said that in order to solve copyright violations, Congress should find who actually post the copyright works rather than taking some actions against companies that provides sites with the illegally obtained materials posted by the violators, the FOX 9 News reported.

Also, Schmidt shared one of projects that Google has currently worked on, which gave audience at the University of Minnesota ideas of how the new product would work, Kare11 News reported.

Kare 11 News said that the chairman had a talk with Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and local business owners at the CoCo (Co-working and Collaborative space), where Grain Exchange was once operated.

Inside the CoCo, Schmidt said to the crowd of entrepreneurs that Google provides the means of increasing both customers and revenues with a small amount of money, CBS Minnesota reported.

Started his career in Google as CEO in 2001 and served nearly 10 years, Schmidt positions an executive chairman of the company as an adviser, Kare11News said.

Construction Halfway, but Challenges Remains

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While traffic density on the University Avenue came to less intense as most parts of construction on half of the avenue was compete Wednesday, but business still faced challenges.

Light rail project spokesperson Laura Baenen said the contractor promised that they would be able to complete the roadway by Nov. 30, but they would close the road temporarily to work on incomplete projects of the roads and sidewalks that would end during December, KSTP-TV reported.

St. Paul City Council member Russ Stark said it way happy to see the new paved road, but casted doubt on whether the contractor Walsh Construction could meet the deadline because construction was behind the plan, the Minnesota Public Radio reported.

The firm struggled with completing construction in accordance with the plan. The Minnesota Public Radio said that the Metropolitan Council acknowledged that the delay happened due to a lack of construction workers for months.

Walsh Construction would face rigid penalty if they could not have finish the construction by Nov 30, which was deadline, according to the Minnesota Public Radio.

Small business owners complained constructions. Business owners said that loans provided by the city were not enough to compensate the loss of the profits from the construction, the Minnesota Public Radio reported. They have asked judges to stop the construction because study on the impact of the project on business is not sufficient.

Finished the construction between Emerald Street and Hamline Avenue, construction between Hamline Avenue and Rice Avenue is expected to heavy once winter gets mild, KSTP-TV reporter Tim Sherno said.

Peaceful Protesters were arrested in Minnesota

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11 protesters were arrested Thursday for impeding traffic on a bridge near the University of Minnesota.
The protest took place on the bridge at 10th Avenue to demand some actions for jobs and racial equality, the Pioneer Express reported.
Sgt, Bill Palmer said protest organizers notified the police when and where the protest would take place so that the protester anticipated the likelihood of the arrest, according to the Pioneer Express.
at least 30 university students participated in the protest, but there is no information that students were arrested, the Minnesota Daily reported.
The Minnesota Daily said that in the Thursday's afternoon, students, organizers and citizens repeated loudly their agendas, such as an affordable tuition, no cutting spending on education and corporations' avarice, at Northrop Plaza.
Pioneer Express identified that there were at least 40 people and said protesters cried "Up with people" and down with greed."
The Minnesota Daily reported that one of the protesters gathered at Northrop Plaza was holding an American flag that put corporations'' trademarks instead of stars.
The protest on the bridge lasted no more than 30 minutes, The Minnesota Daily said.

Fire Destroyed Commercial Building

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A south Minneapolis commercial building collapsed Thursday morning because of a fire.
Firefighters came to the building around 5:30 a.m. after a Metro Transit bus driver notified the fire, the Star Tribune reported.
The fire in the commercial building North American Carrousel Co. on 27th Street and 28th Avenue spread and emitted other chemicals so that firefighters struggled with getting inside, reported. said that a spokeswoman for Centerpoint Energy said the cause of the fire was believed to be natural gas.
The company has dedicated to games and rides for renaissance festivals nationwide, according to myFOX9.
Due to Thursday's cold temperature, the building destroyed by the fire gave shiny surface caused by ice, and as firefighters continued to melt down the ice, only visible inventory was huge body of a horse, according to the Star Tribune.

The stronger cannot always prey upon the weaker

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The Badgers gained triumph over the Gopher by 3-1 on Friday night at the Kohl Center in Madison, taking all goals in the second period with tight defense.

Minnesota Daily said the key point of the game would be which defense is better because both team only had five chances to shot in the first period.

However, in the second period, the game moved in favor of the Badgers. The team's first and third goals were attributed to the Gopher's defense breakdown, StarTribune said. The Badgers brought game to 3-0 only on eight shots.

Defense battle came to the third period again. Minnesota daily said the Gopher broke up the shutout by 3-1 thanks to Jake Hansen, but there were several opportunities to score more in the period.

StarTribune said the Gopher has ranked national No. 1 hockey team in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) series that scores 4.8 goals per game, and the Badgers was out of the rank.

Gophers coach Don Lucia said that the game was to some extent boring, and the game was lacking with contact, StarTribune reported.

Christopher & Banks Corp Friday made a decision that it would close its retail stores up to 100 nationwide to increase profits, which would affect 1,000 of its workers.

The company's sales declined five percent, and it struggled with a loss of $13 million between April and August, Minnesota Public Radio news reported.

Looking at the company's management biannually, the company, even though it increased its profit up to $3.8 million, has suffered from the loss of $ 11.1 million, according to the StarTribune.

StarTribune said the decision came within two weeks after a hedge fund Southpoint Capital Advisors gained a nearly 5.6 percent, or 2 million, share of the apparel company in market. Christopher & Banks Corp would have to bear additional $5 million to $7 million losses for severance payment and termination of leases.

MPR said the apparel company has not decided to which stores would be closed, but the closures will end before February 2012.

A well-known urologist David C. Utz who worked at the Mayo Clinic died 87 on Oct.30 at his home in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Dr. Utz was an internationally recognized urologist because he incorporated various techniques in urologic surgeon and facilitated ideas of uro-oncological, the Post-Bulletin reported.

The Star Tribune reported that former president Ronald Reagan, members of Supreme Court and some celebrities came to Dr. Utz for surgeons.

He earned his international reputation not only through introducing the concepts and various techniques but also through his publications. The Post-Bulletin said that he published more than 140 of medical literature and dealt with nearly 30 abstracts and editorials, so that he was invited to medical centers as a visiting professor all over the world

According to the Star Tribune, one of the biggest achievements during his life would be that he operated a prostate surgery that any doctor never attempted, which created the bedrocks of the world's largest database of prostate surgery.

Sound effect maker Tom Keith died 64.

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64-year-old St.Paul native Tom Keith, well-known for a radio sound effect maker, died of a heart attack Oct. 30 at his Woodbury home.

According to the Star Tribune, Garrison Keillor, who had known Keith for more than 30 years, said that Keith, a week later he finish his last performance at St.Paul's Fitzgerald Theater on Oct. 22, dealt with shortness of breath but postponed going to see a doctor.

The Pioneer Express said that , Dale Connelly, who co-hosted "Morning Show" with Keith, said that he noticed Oct.27 that Keith' breath was not right when they held a workshop at St. Olaf College.

Tim Russell, who had worked with Keith in a show called "Prairie Home Companion," said that Keith was so skilled at making sound effects with objects and rare a job that it would be hard to replace, the Pioneer Express reported.

He was born in West St. Paul and pursued his career in broad casting companies after he finished serving the Marines for four years and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1972, the Star Tribune reported.

An Ecuadoran man pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S District Court to a charge that he took parts of gun illegally from the U.S. to Paraguay.
Fabian Lojano-Lojano admitted that he attempted to send a package labeled T-Shirt that contained parts of AK-47, the Pioneer Express reported.
The Pioneer Express also said that Lojano had smuggled the parts to Paraguay between September and June 2010 in a similar way. The parts he sent were enough to make at least 10 arms.
According to the Star Tribune, court documents disclosed that his customers had connected to a Paraguayan company called Delta Protective Services that dealt with collecting security and business information.
The Star Tribune said that Lojano federal agents found from Lojano's house that he possessed two boxes that contained arm parts.
The Pioneer Express said that what type of sentence he will receive is unclear, but the crime he committed would result in maximum a 10-year sentence.

Hennepin County attorney said Friday that man who shot a Minnesota robber dead in order to defense himself would not go to a criminal trial

The shooting happened outside shopping mall on E.Lake Street on Oct.20. After witnessing that the victim, Darren Evanovich, hit a woman with a pistol and stole her pursue, the man who had permit to carry a gun came close to Evanovich and shot him when the victim pointed his pistol to the man,the Star Tribune reported.

Police said the victim's sister, Octavia Shonte Marberry, was with Evanovich when robbery happened, but prosecutors put her on a charge of two robberies happened on Oct. 12 and Oct. 15, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Pioneer Press said that her first trial is planned to be on Monday in Hennepin County District Court, and she would be released if $250,000 bail is posted.

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