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Payroll Tax Holiday Debates Continue in Senate

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Republican and Democrat in Senate failed Thursday to gain bipartisan supports for two different bills for extension of a payroll tax relief.

A Democrat-sponsored bill did not gain Republican supports, but Republican-sponsored bill did not generate supports from both Republican and Democrat, according to the National Public Radio reported.

While the Democrat-sponsored bill included extension of the payroll tax cut with new tax on millionaires, the Republican-sponsored bill included fixed federal pay and reduction of federal jobs up to 200,000, the Public Broadcast Service reported.

The Public Broadcast Service said that Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, minority leader, said that federal employees have become more bigger and richer so that rather than going to take some actions on private-sector workers, the government should take some actions on the employees.

Some of Republicans wondered to what extent the renewal of the payroll tax cut has impact on economy and Social Security, but Republican Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, house speaker, said there is no doubt that the payroll tax relief would stimulate economy and that would be a good thing for every worker, according to the National Public Radio.

Paradox of roles in the Congress comes in term of payroll tax. Democrat is in favor of tax cut, but Republican, known as anti-tax groups, insisted on raising tax. If renewal of the payroll tax relief would not be done by next month, average American family would lose $900 earnings a year, the National Public Radio said.

Wall Steet Protesters Never Give Up

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While Zuccotti Park regained peace after Wall Street protesters were evicted, The Wall Street protesters planned Thursday new demonstrations.
Even though police retained barricades to prevent protesters from conducting more aggressive protests on Wall Street and Zuccotti Park, they would plan to start protests on Wall Street and to meet in the park again, the Wall Street Journal reported.
City officials said that it would cost $3 million to keep police present to maintain safety at Zuccotti Park a month if protesters conduct demonstration in the park, the New York Time reported.
The New York Times said that Marc La Vorgna, a spokesman for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said barricades was once removed two weeks ago but reinstalled because of concerns that protesters might show up again.
Wall Street Journal said protesters at the park were aggressive. On Wednesday, police arrested 29-year-old Bronx man Nkrumah Tinsley on charge of uttering threats in a violent way.
The Wall Street Journal said that anti-rich movement on Wall Street has had impact on Wall Street and a few areas like Zuccotti Park, but has not impeded commuters and city's operations.

Not all about watching who wins and loses

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In the middle of a notable Penn State Jon Paterno's scandal of sexual abuse, a Saturday college football game between Penn State and Nebraska came as unusual.

It was the striking moment that both team gathered in the middle of the field, kneed and listened to Nebraska running back coach Ron Brown's short speech, The Washington Post reported.

Even though Paterno's scandal came to the public, not all fun was disappointed by it. Thousands of students came to the stadium with an appearance that was alike Paterno and greeted the quarterback coach and Joe's son Jay Paterno when he came out from a bus, according to the New York Times.

Besides the support for the Jon Paterno, people who came to the stadium also could observe supports for prevention for child abuse. The stadium covered with blue, which is a symbolic color for prevention for child-abuse, and more than $20,000 was donated for the prevention, according to the Washington Post.

A solo protest was happening outside the stadium. A 34-year-old Penn State graduate John Matko, standing near an entrance gate, protested because he could not stand that children were abused, The New York Times reported.

Joe Paterno had dedicated himself to Penn State as head coach since 1965, and it was for the first time for Penn State that they played a game without him, the New York Times reported.

Hillary Clinton's mother Dorothy Rodham died Tuesday.

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Dorothy Rodham, a mother of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, died at 92 Tuesday in Washington.

Clinton said that Rodham dedicated herself to teaching her children the importance of having determination and calmness and to encouraging them to be more intellectual, the New York Times reported.

Rodham was born in Chicago on June 4,1919, but eight years later, Rodham and her young sister were send to their grandparents who lived in California after their parents divorced in 1927, the Chicago Tribune said. Rodham, mistreated by her grandparents, lived in another family as a nanny and attended Alhambra high school.

According to the New York Times, Rodham returned to Chicago because her mother's new husband promised that she would pay Rodham's tuitions for college to live, but Rodham noticed that her mother wanted to keep her as a housekeeper. it is reported by the New York Times that she married Hugh Ellsworth Rodham and gave birth in suburban of Chicago where they moved in.

President Obama said that Rodham would be satisfied with her life because she could see her daughter engaging in a honorable position in the United States, the Chicago Tribune reported.

John Edwards cannot escape from trial

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The federal judge ruled Thursday that former Senator John Edwards would have go on a trial, rejecting his request for a dismissal about his illegal campaign finance.

Edwards violated the campaign finance law because he appropriated nearly $1 million campaign donation secretly obtained from two wealthy constituents for hiding an extramarital relation during his 2008 presidential campaign, The New York Times reported.

The secret donors are Rachel "Bunny'" Mellon, an elderly banking heiress, and the late Fred Baron, a Texas lawyer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Los Angeles Times said that lawyers for Edwards said that the donation was gift so that he did not violate the law; on the other hand, prosecutors argued that he fabricated his campaign finance reports in order to hide that he exceeded legal limits.

Both paper said that he would have to be in jail up to maximum penalty of 30 years and pay $1.5 million for fines.

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