Tornado Charges Through Mississippi

A one and a half mile long tornado roared through Yazoo City, Miss., over the weekend killing 10, and leaving thousands without power or homes.

CNN, covers the story through a series of photographs that show the scenes around the city giving a clear image of the devestation and destruction. The story takes an interesting by having the lede be about 3 children that were killed among the 10 announced dead so far. They also have surviors tell their stories along with an eye witness who saw it all happen and unfold. There is no anchor for this story, as it just is bits and pieces put together.

MSNBC, covers the story through the Today Show, and has a reporter right at the scene walking through thr rumble and describing what he feels as he walks and what he smells. Its very affective in giving you a physical sense to go along with the visual video. In the middle of the live broadcast though, they bring back the anchor in New York to ask the reporter questions about the story which keeps the story going and transistions into another aspect of the story, which is the death toll, and how people are getting in and out of the city to retrieve whats left of their belongings and see their homes. For a story such as this one, having a television broadcast gives the people a much better insight as to what is going on after such a disaster.

Another Conviction and it's Very Close to Home.

A deseased Wisconsin Vatican is charged with raping over dozens boys, over three decades.

WCCO starts off the story with Amelia Santaniello, the anchor, giving the story a lead with also showing the picture of the deceased vatican. Then it goes into a voice over the reporter as the show a video of a press conference done by the victims attorney. Then there are clips of a few people who came out to say that they were abused, as they talk to the reporter. Then it goes back to the anchors, and the reportor gives a kicker live to finish it off.

KSTP starts off with the anchors giving a lede, then they move into the news room with the reporter who gives a type of nut graf on the story. Then they move into the the press conference. Then they show clips of a ceremony with the pope and the convicted vatican. Then like, WCCO, KSTP goes back to the anchors who give the kicker and the story is done.

Obituary, or Investigation?

In Cherry Point, N.C., a Minnesota marine was found dead while his barrack had its routine inspection. The 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Daniel W. Sweeney of Coon Rapids, MInn., had been enlisted in The Marine Corps for 19 months.

KSTP has a piece on the story, done by the Associated Press, that just skims over the story not giving much detail to the scene or how exactly he was found. All that is really talked about is who he is, its more of an obituary that claims its an investigation, but then says that the investigation is underway.

WCCO does a broadcast about the story, and says the same thing. Like KSTP it claims in the title that it is on the investigation of the death, but says nothing but the investigation is underway.

Light Rail Will Rumble Through the U

The light rail running through the center of campus has been an ongoing debate, followed closely and investigated on for over a year, but it all ended this morning when the U and the Metropolitan Council came to an agreement.

The Pioneer Press does a very biased positive piece on this agreement with a quote from the U's president Bruininks saying that this is a good and positive thing for the U community. Its a good informational piece though that sums up all the investigating and probing thats been going on the past year about this new form of transportation.

The Asscociated Press gives a slight insight to the deal, but fails to mentoin the two distinct sides of the story. One being how the U will recieve 12.5 million dollars to move lab facilites, and the second being when the construction will begin and what the Metropalitan Council has in store for the light rail.

Dangerous Clouds in the Iceland Sky

In Iceland a quiet volcano that has had no activity in years, is now creating more than 200 million dollars worth of canceled flights, floods, and health problems.

CNN, does a great job capturing the breaking news, using numbers and getting partail profiles in their piece on the volcano today. Its been a breaking news topic for days now, but they still are finding new ways to right the story and get more information out to the public.

MSNBC also does a good job of using all the news writing techniques we have talked about to create an orginial story on an unoriginal news feature. They also took on a new problem that is being looked at by the volcanic ash, which is how many leaders of countries may be unable to attend the Polish President's funeral over the weekend. Its a different angle that no one has taken on yet, and adds a lot to the story.

Mourning the Miners

Over the weekend, the families and friends of the 29 miners killed in W.V., mourned the loss, but said life must go on.

CNN does a nice job of having pictures that capture the mourners as they remember those who were lost in the mine's explolsion. Along with the description of the event, there are a lot of quotes from people outside the tight knit community expressing thier saddness and sending their condolenses.

MSNBC also does a nice job reporting the memorial service. This story however, really focuses on how the families and friends plan to move on with their lives and what the miners are doing to make sure this doesnt happen again.

Mourning the Polish President

Poland mourns the death of thier president and 95 others killed in a plane crash over the weekend.

CNN does a good job showing and writing about the day the president's body returned to Poland and the people mourned. It really shows what it was like when the soliders carried his body, and how much he really meant to the people he served.

The Associated Presss also does a good job writing the scene for the mourning citizens. They write in the little details, like people singing hymns as they mourn and a descprition of the memorials people have made to remember all that were killed.

Up front with a Comedian

Comedian Chelsea Handler visits the University of Minnesota's bookstore for a signing that had quite the turnout.

Star Tribune did a great job capturing the moments right after people met the famous comedian with a video story. It was great to see peoples reactions and hear first hand what they had to say about meeting the celebrity and share thier excitment for her show that night.

The Minnesota Daily took a different route with Chelsea while she was here and interviewed her about her book, life and fans. Its a different take on the video produced of her book signing that shows a completly different side of the story.


A 4 hour standoff in Bloomington, Minn., led to the discovery of 18 illegally owned guns by the man who started the uproar.

Although I'm sure the reporter for the Star Tribune who wrote this story wasnt there, she did a great job of mapping out the scene, and giving a good account of what the four hour stand off would have been like. There's a lot of interesting information given in this story that makes it more intreguing to read. Not the metion the title that reads, "Standoff, search reveals 18 guns in the felons Bloomginton Minn. home.

This story however, done by the Pioneer Press, is weak with detials and makes it seem like they just wrote a story about the event just to write one, and have some type of voice in the situation. Not to mention they say the standoff lasted 2 hours, when it really was 4.


Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann graced St. Paul, Minn. with their presence on Wednesday at the Minneapolis Convention Center to rally for the Senator's campaign.

Star Tribune put together a nice video showing the scene of the rally on Wednesday giving the viewer a nice depiction of what the scene was like.

Pioneer Press wrote about this event, starting with the how many people and the cause. There was a lot of great description of the scene among the important information about what Palin was saying to help Bachmann get more Minnesotan votes.