Another Conviction and it's Very Close to Home.

A deseased Wisconsin Vatican is charged with raping over dozens boys, over three decades.

WCCO starts off the story with Amelia Santaniello, the anchor, giving the story a lead with also showing the picture of the deceased vatican. Then it goes into a voice over the reporter as the show a video of a press conference done by the victims attorney. Then there are clips of a few people who came out to say that they were abused, as they talk to the reporter. Then it goes back to the anchors, and the reportor gives a kicker live to finish it off.

KSTP starts off with the anchors giving a lede, then they move into the news room with the reporter who gives a type of nut graf on the story. Then they move into the the press conference. Then they show clips of a ceremony with the pope and the convicted vatican. Then like, WCCO, KSTP goes back to the anchors who give the kicker and the story is done.

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