Light Rail Will Rumble Through the U

The light rail running through the center of campus has been an ongoing debate, followed closely and investigated on for over a year, but it all ended this morning when the U and the Metropolitan Council came to an agreement.

The Pioneer Press does a very biased positive piece on this agreement with a quote from the U's president Bruininks saying that this is a good and positive thing for the U community. Its a good informational piece though that sums up all the investigating and probing thats been going on the past year about this new form of transportation.

The Asscociated Press gives a slight insight to the deal, but fails to mentoin the two distinct sides of the story. One being how the U will recieve 12.5 million dollars to move lab facilites, and the second being when the construction will begin and what the Metropalitan Council has in store for the light rail.

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