A 4 hour standoff in Bloomington, Minn., led to the discovery of 18 illegally owned guns by the man who started the uproar.

Although I'm sure the reporter for the Star Tribune who wrote this story wasnt there, she did a great job of mapping out the scene, and giving a good account of what the four hour stand off would have been like. There's a lot of interesting information given in this story that makes it more intreguing to read. Not the metion the title that reads, "Standoff, search reveals 18 guns in the felons Bloomginton Minn. home.

This story however, done by the Pioneer Press, is weak with detials and makes it seem like they just wrote a story about the event just to write one, and have some type of voice in the situation. Not to mention they say the standoff lasted 2 hours, when it really was 4.

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