Tornado Charges Through Mississippi

A one and a half mile long tornado roared through Yazoo City, Miss., over the weekend killing 10, and leaving thousands without power or homes.

CNN, covers the story through a series of photographs that show the scenes around the city giving a clear image of the devestation and destruction. The story takes an interesting by having the lede be about 3 children that were killed among the 10 announced dead so far. They also have surviors tell their stories along with an eye witness who saw it all happen and unfold. There is no anchor for this story, as it just is bits and pieces put together.

MSNBC, covers the story through the Today Show, and has a reporter right at the scene walking through thr rumble and describing what he feels as he walks and what he smells. Its very affective in giving you a physical sense to go along with the visual video. In the middle of the live broadcast though, they bring back the anchor in New York to ask the reporter questions about the story which keeps the story going and transistions into another aspect of the story, which is the death toll, and how people are getting in and out of the city to retrieve whats left of their belongings and see their homes. For a story such as this one, having a television broadcast gives the people a much better insight as to what is going on after such a disaster.

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