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Baja California was struck by a series of earthquakes earlier, today reaching a magnitude of 7.2.

CNN used a lot of numbers in this breaking news story to explain the situation on the west coast. There was seconds, magnitudes, miles etc.

MSNBC also did a nice job covering the story using numbers, but did a better job in my opinion in putting voices behind the numbers.

Minus and Plus

Japan, mood improves from a minus 14 to a minus 25 in the worlds second-largest economy.

Unlike most of the news stories I've seen using numbers, this report uses minus instead of percents and one in every said number. I don't think these type of numbering reporting does a lot for the audience however because it means nothing to the reader. There is no index indicating what the numbers mean, so it means nothing to the reader.

The BBC, uses these same numbers in the beginning, but then leaves the number jargon behind and begins to explain what it means for the Japanese.

Michelle Bachelet

Chile elected their first woman president, Michelle Bachelet, on January of 2006.
CNN, which wrote a more recent article about her, writes about her background and some trying moments in her life; One being when Bachelet and her mother were arrested by Chilean police and tortured. It's a different approach to looking at her background, more of a rags to riches story compared to the other one done. They wrote this article on her because they said she was intriguing, they didnt write anything too intriguing about her in the profile.

Although this is an older article, the writer does a great job of writing a profile that gives a lot of background and a chronological sequence leading up to her presidency. The only things that lack are quotes from Bachelet, friends and family that would give this piece a more personal feel. I feel like it is a written out resume convincing the reader why Bachelet is good for the presidency.

Help Could Hurt Haiti

With all the help that has comes Haiti's way after the devastating earthquake on January 12, the country is doing better, but Haitians are worried that in the long run all the aid may conflict with the independence of their country.

CNN does a great job putting together a nice piece about how the Haitian people are worried that all the aid coming their way after their January disaster is going to hurt the country in the long run. The writer for this story has a lot of input from the people of Haiti which helps clearly express their concern. One quote in particular that stands out in showing this is, "We're not a country anymore, says Ronald Agenor, "We're a place where people go to give money." This and many more quotes give a voice to the writing of this story and in my opinion does a great job with the interviewing they did.

A story by Zimbio, also does a good job using Haitian voices to talk about their freedom and independence after the quake, but in a different context. For this story, the focus is on how at first when the U.S. Military arrived, Haitians were afraid that we would take over, and that we were bad. Troops were quick to be labeled as not bad, or harmful as a Haitian child yelled, "Your not bad," as they walked through the streets handing out food and giving aid. The interviewing was great for it retrieved many good quotes that like the other story, give the writing a unique more personal voice.

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