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Obituary, or Investigation?

In Cherry Point, N.C., a Minnesota marine was found dead while his barrack had its routine inspection. The 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Daniel W. Sweeney of Coon Rapids, MInn., had been enlisted in The Marine Corps for 19 months.

KSTP has a piece on the story, done by the Associated Press, that just skims over the story not giving much detail to the scene or how exactly he was found. All that is really talked about is who he is, its more of an obituary that claims its an investigation, but then says that the investigation is underway.

WCCO does a broadcast about the story, and says the same thing. Like KSTP it claims in the title that it is on the investigation of the death, but says nothing but the investigation is underway.

Light Rail Will Rumble Through the U

The light rail running through the center of campus has been an ongoing debate, followed closely and investigated on for over a year, but it all ended this morning when the U and the Metropolitan Council came to an agreement.

The Pioneer Press does a very biased positive piece on this agreement with a quote from the U's president Bruininks saying that this is a good and positive thing for the U community. Its a good informational piece though that sums up all the investigating and probing thats been going on the past year about this new form of transportation.

The Asscociated Press gives a slight insight to the deal, but fails to mentoin the two distinct sides of the story. One being how the U will recieve 12.5 million dollars to move lab facilites, and the second being when the construction will begin and what the Metropalitan Council has in store for the light rail.

Up front with a Comedian

Comedian Chelsea Handler visits the University of Minnesota's bookstore for a signing that had quite the turnout.

Star Tribune did a great job capturing the moments right after people met the famous comedian with a video story. It was great to see peoples reactions and hear first hand what they had to say about meeting the celebrity and share thier excitment for her show that night.

The Minnesota Daily took a different route with Chelsea while she was here and interviewed her about her book, life and fans. Its a different take on the video produced of her book signing that shows a completly different side of the story.


Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann graced St. Paul, Minn. with their presence on Wednesday at the Minneapolis Convention Center to rally for the Senator's campaign.

Star Tribune put together a nice video showing the scene of the rally on Wednesday giving the viewer a nice depiction of what the scene was like.

Pioneer Press wrote about this event, starting with the how many people and the cause. There was a lot of great description of the scene among the important information about what Palin was saying to help Bachmann get more Minnesotan votes.

Minnesota Ranks Eighth the Nation in H1N1 Vaccines

St. Paul, Minn., is ranked eighth in the nation, according to health officials, when it comes to H1N1 Vaccines given to people and led the nation in vaccinating one at risk group.

This small piece gives a nice glimpse at how many Minnesotans got the vaccine and how this state compared to others when it came to getting vaccines.

The Star Tribune writes about the same story, but begins the story with "nearly one in three," instead of percentages. This story however, does a better job in my opinion when using the CDC's numbers and explaining what they mean, along with putting professional voices after the numbers telling Minnesotans that we should be proud for taking action and keeping themselves safe.

Darcy Pohland

WCCO reporter Darcy Pohland died at age 48 in her Mendota Heights, Minn., home.

WCCO does a nice job with the obituary. It really follows the margarita glass concept we talked about using in class for writing obituaries. There's a good amount of information about her life, along with memorable quotes she said throughout her life.

The Star Tribune also does a really nice job of capturing Pohland's life in a few simple grafs. The only difference between this story and the one run by WCCO, is that the Star Tribune focused a lot on how Pohland's disability never got in her way while doing her jog as a reporter. It was a different more inspirational, in my opinion, take on her life.

Andriene "Andy" Aalund died at age 71 in Mounds View, Minn., and leaves behind her husband Roger, two sons, and four grandchildren.

This obituary, done by the Star Tribune, is dry and lacks a lot of information. It gives no detail about Aalund's life, just that she survived by a husband and has children. It doesn't even give the place where she lived or died.

The obituary done by Pioneer Press isn't any better. Although it gives the town in which she lived with her husband, there is still a lack of personality to it. Even though Aalund may have been an "Average Joe", I'm sure at some point her life she had a great story that is worth telling after her death to celebrate her life.

Threats from Down Under

Threats from online of school shootings closed Minneapolis schools this morning. Cretin-Derham Hall was just one of the many Minneapolis schools that were brought to a code Yellow this morning resulting in tighter security around campuses and closings. What officials didn't know till later in the day was that these threats were coming from Australia.

The writers for this story, Mara H. Gottfried and Doug Beiden from the Pioneer Press, did a great job of getting and using a lot of money quotes from the St. Paul police chief and the sergeant from the Minneapolis police.

The star tribune, had a broadcast reported by James Lileks, that just barely skimmed the story. It gave some of the same quotes as the Pioneer Press, but didn't have as nearly as much to say about the situation, and focused more on what the parents were suppose to do, and what they received as directions from the school district.

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