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Tornado Charges Through Mississippi

A one and a half mile long tornado roared through Yazoo City, Miss., over the weekend killing 10, and leaving thousands without power or homes.

CNN, covers the story through a series of photographs that show the scenes around the city giving a clear image of the devestation and destruction. The story takes an interesting by having the lede be about 3 children that were killed among the 10 announced dead so far. They also have surviors tell their stories along with an eye witness who saw it all happen and unfold. There is no anchor for this story, as it just is bits and pieces put together.

MSNBC, covers the story through the Today Show, and has a reporter right at the scene walking through thr rumble and describing what he feels as he walks and what he smells. Its very affective in giving you a physical sense to go along with the visual video. In the middle of the live broadcast though, they bring back the anchor in New York to ask the reporter questions about the story which keeps the story going and transistions into another aspect of the story, which is the death toll, and how people are getting in and out of the city to retrieve whats left of their belongings and see their homes. For a story such as this one, having a television broadcast gives the people a much better insight as to what is going on after such a disaster.

Another Conviction and it's Very Close to Home.

A deseased Wisconsin Vatican is charged with raping over dozens boys, over three decades.

WCCO starts off the story with Amelia Santaniello, the anchor, giving the story a lead with also showing the picture of the deceased vatican. Then it goes into a voice over the reporter as the show a video of a press conference done by the victims attorney. Then there are clips of a few people who came out to say that they were abused, as they talk to the reporter. Then it goes back to the anchors, and the reportor gives a kicker live to finish it off.

KSTP starts off with the anchors giving a lede, then they move into the news room with the reporter who gives a type of nut graf on the story. Then they move into the the press conference. Then they show clips of a ceremony with the pope and the convicted vatican. Then like, WCCO, KSTP goes back to the anchors who give the kicker and the story is done.

Obituary, or Investigation?

In Cherry Point, N.C., a Minnesota marine was found dead while his barrack had its routine inspection. The 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Daniel W. Sweeney of Coon Rapids, MInn., had been enlisted in The Marine Corps for 19 months.

KSTP has a piece on the story, done by the Associated Press, that just skims over the story not giving much detail to the scene or how exactly he was found. All that is really talked about is who he is, its more of an obituary that claims its an investigation, but then says that the investigation is underway.

WCCO does a broadcast about the story, and says the same thing. Like KSTP it claims in the title that it is on the investigation of the death, but says nothing but the investigation is underway.

Mourning the Miners

Over the weekend, the families and friends of the 29 miners killed in W.V., mourned the loss, but said life must go on.

CNN does a nice job of having pictures that capture the mourners as they remember those who were lost in the mine's explolsion. Along with the description of the event, there are a lot of quotes from people outside the tight knit community expressing thier saddness and sending their condolenses.

MSNBC also does a nice job reporting the memorial service. This story however, really focuses on how the families and friends plan to move on with their lives and what the miners are doing to make sure this doesnt happen again.

Mourning the Polish President

Poland mourns the death of thier president and 95 others killed in a plane crash over the weekend.

CNN does a good job showing and writing about the day the president's body returned to Poland and the people mourned. It really shows what it was like when the soliders carried his body, and how much he really meant to the people he served.

The Associated Presss also does a good job writing the scene for the mourning citizens. They write in the little details, like people singing hymns as they mourn and a descprition of the memorials people have made to remember all that were killed.


Baja California was struck by a series of earthquakes earlier, today reaching a magnitude of 7.2.

CNN used a lot of numbers in this breaking news story to explain the situation on the west coast. There was seconds, magnitudes, miles etc.

MSNBC also did a nice job covering the story using numbers, but did a better job in my opinion in putting voices behind the numbers.

Cars and Numbers

Every auto company is seeing double digit gains in their car sales, but the gains are not as strong as companies hoped.

CNN money, does a good job of using just enough numbers to explain where Americas leading auto companies stand in auto sales in the past few months. Its easy to comprehend and compare to one another.

MSNBC also does a nice job of taking all the numbers and putting them into a story nicely. Although, some of the numbers don't match up, there are slight differences between what each source says about the companies.

A Legand of the Entertainment Industry dies.

Mission Impossible's leading man Peter Graves died Sunday morning at age 83 at his home In Los Angeles, Calif. Although the cause is unknown, his publicist said it is suspected that he died of a heart attack.

CNN gives a nice memorial video depicting his life both on and off screen, along with a short piece on what happened Sunday morning after his death. Then following the incident was a written out form of an acting resume of Grave's 60 year career in the entertainment industry.

Legacy, also does a nice job with the obituary, a better job in my opinion than CNN because it is more personal. The reader can learn more about his personal life and how important his family was to him, rather than read just about all his credentials. There is also quotes by Grave's that also gives this piece a more personal feel, and shows some of his personality.

In New York, more than 10,000 workers are finally getting compensated for health problems that racked up $657.5 million in health bills from dust that was produced after the towers fell on 9/11.

MSNBC does an ok job with putting together this story that has been in discussion for 10 years. However, there isn't anything said from the standpoint of those finally being compensated for their health problems. Just quotes from the mayor which seems to be right out of a press release.

CNN does the same thing with this story, as it has almost the identical lead and quotes. Even though it is a big story that comes with a lot of information that is important for the reader to know, it would have been nice to get the viewpoint once again from those who are finally being relieved for their work on ground zero.

7-year-old Hero

A 7-year-old boy called 911, while hiding in the bathroom of his house with his younger sister, as three burglars attempt to rob their house at gun point in Norwalk, Calif.

The reporter Mike Celizic for MSNBC, does a great job of taking the 911 phone call from the boy, and making it into the narration of the story, while also incorporating important information about the story. It really gives the reader a sense of being in the scene with the boy and his sister as his parents are held at gunpoint.

Brooke Baldwin for CNN, starts the broadcast with almost the exact same information as the lead from MSNBC. Then they have the dispatch call play, then after she goes into the rest of the story, then interviews the 911 dispatcher who took the call. This interview was great, and really added a lot into the story and added a personal level to it because the dispatcher talked about how she has two sons of her own. As the dispatcher is talking she says she wanted to "just jump through the phone and give the little boy a hug." She then started to cry when she talked about hearing the boy screaming when the men found him and his sister in the room. Having the dispatchers' interview and learning her side of the story added to this story greatly.

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