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Dangerous Clouds in the Iceland Sky

In Iceland a quiet volcano that has had no activity in years, is now creating more than 200 million dollars worth of canceled flights, floods, and health problems.

CNN, does a great job capturing the breaking news, using numbers and getting partail profiles in their piece on the volcano today. Its been a breaking news topic for days now, but they still are finding new ways to right the story and get more information out to the public.

MSNBC also does a good job of using all the news writing techniques we have talked about to create an orginial story on an unoriginal news feature. They also took on a new problem that is being looked at by the volcanic ash, which is how many leaders of countries may be unable to attend the Polish President's funeral over the weekend. Its a different angle that no one has taken on yet, and adds a lot to the story.


A 4 hour standoff in Bloomington, Minn., led to the discovery of 18 illegally owned guns by the man who started the uproar.

Although I'm sure the reporter for the Star Tribune who wrote this story wasnt there, she did a great job of mapping out the scene, and giving a good account of what the four hour stand off would have been like. There's a lot of interesting information given in this story that makes it more intreguing to read. Not the metion the title that reads, "Standoff, search reveals 18 guns in the felons Bloomginton Minn. home.

This story however, done by the Pioneer Press, is weak with detials and makes it seem like they just wrote a story about the event just to write one, and have some type of voice in the situation. Not to mention they say the standoff lasted 2 hours, when it really was 4.

Box Office Money

DreamWorks animated film "How to Train Your Dragon" was the highest grossing movie over last weekend, bringing in $43.3 million.

Entertainment Weekly, did a good job giving numbers and comparing the biggest movies in the box office over the weekend to show which movie came out on top. There was a good balance of numbers (dollars, which everyone understands) and explanations, and little synopsis's on the top movies.

Associated Press also did a write up of last weekends top grossing movies, but it was just a list of 20 films, with last weekends numbers and the averages. It is hard to read and a blur to a reader.

Profiles written to make the reader dislike the subject.

Jesse James's mistress, Michelle McGee, is getting the brunt of just about every joke now after the two came out about their affair last week.

People does a good profile on the mistress, however it is extremely one sided and is written in a sense to make the reader dislike McGee even more. Then at the end in a few little grafs, there is another side shown of her according to what is tweeted on her twitter. It's an interesting profile on a very controversial person of this time.

This profile of McGee, is a extremely sarcastic in how it's written, with snooty comments about her credentials. But then it has nice quote from her landlord of all people, about how much of a nice girl she is. Then ends on how she has two grade school age children. Its again a very pushing story to make the reader dislike McGee.

The Chosen One

Conan O'Brien picked one person to follow on Twitter, and the result for the chosen one Sarah Killen a 19-year-old Mich. native, this is something she never expected.
Killen went from three followers on her twitter to 20,000, with gaining a150 followers per minute, once O'Brien announced his decision to follow her.

The Pioneer Press, did a nice job of covering such a out of the ordinary story, but could have used more quotes from the two the story is written about the give the story more life. There is a lot of information and interesting personal facts that are told in the story, it would be nice to have more of a voice behind them.

A Detroit news paper called Click on Detroit, wrote an article about Conan's twitter pick, and had a voice to it that the Pioneer Press didn't. Whether this reporter had the advantage of interviewing Killen or not, they choose the better route, in my opinion, and told the story through Killen's voice through many quotes that gave the story a different and better element.

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