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September 14, 2007

Naming FYC's promise, position, and personality

A few of the Family, Youth, and Community faculty members met over the summer to further develop our ideas of the links between family, youth, and community in our programs. A draft document was created that builds on the idea of our program area makes a promise about what we do, has a position about how we go about fulfilling our promise, and a personality that we are known for.


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Internal Expression of Features that Have Benefit to Students and Colleagues
July 11, 2007

The Promise

Because FYC exists to support educators and researchers who wish to shape their own learning and pursue transformative practice on behalf of families, youth and communities, FYC promises lively engagement with faculty committed to research and teaching; active participation in a democratic and critically reflective learning environment; and, creative exploration of both the philosophical and enduring issues families, young people and communities experience in their everyday life.

The Position - Students and colleagues will come to work with us because of our . . .
• Commitment to multidisciplinary research and intellectual pursuits
• Openness to creativity and imagination
• Co-creative approaches to research, teaching and learning
• Perspectives on experiential pedagogy and dialogical processes
• Praxis grounded in reflection, relationships and conversation

The Personality
• Hopefully Optimistic
• Warmly Hospitable
• Creatively Generative
• Intellectually expansive

Download a draft of this document" here