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December 1, 2007

Student Profile: Soohong Kim

Soo-Hong KimI am working on my doctoral degree in FYC with an emphasis on Family Education. I completed my M.A. in family education at the University of Minnesota during spring semester 2006.

I received my B.S. in Child Development and M.Ed. in Early Childhood Development in South Korea. I worked extensively with the educational system in South Korea, teaching kindergarten and working with parents, and was honored to receive several awards and grants related to my teaching, committee work, and research. I currently work as a graduate research assistant in the Family Education program where I supports faculty and program projects.

I most enjoy learning about conducting research. My master's thesis was on the experiences of Korean mothers' strong commitment to their children's education, which I presented on at the National Council on Family Relations conference in 2007. In 2008, I presented at the same conference on the experiences of Asian graduate students who are also mothers. My most important professional goal is to help families and children, and I hope to accomplish this through my favorite activity, research.

Student Profile: Hsin-Ru Kang


I am from Taiwan, where I was an elementary school teacher for years. My college degree was music education; however, I am interested in parent education and family mental health. Therefore, I am pursuing my PhD in FYC with a specialization in Family Education, and declaring a graduate minor in Complementary Therapies and Healing Practices. Currently, I am working with Dr. Susan Walker on two projects. One is about Asian parent education research. The other one is American parent education website comparisons research. Given that I grew up in Chinese culture, I will do Chinese parent education and family mental health research in the future. For professional growth, I am joining National Council on Family Relationships and Minnesota Council on Family Relationships. I plan to participate in activities and conferences in the family education field to strengthen my scholarly and practical capability. I will also make efforts on giving presentations at conferences and publishing articles in the future.