September 30, 2008

Dr. Fouzia Saeed receives 2008 Distinguished Leadership Award

A celebration for Dr. Fouzia Saeed, 2008 winner of the University of Minnesota's Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals, and alumna of family education programs was held on September 30, 2008. The Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals is a University-wide award for alumni, former students, and friends of the University who have distinguished themselves in their post-university work as leaders in their professional careers. Dr. Saeed was honored by her colleagues in the College of Education and Human Development and the University's Office of International Programs for her work ensuring human rights for men, women, and children in Pakistan and in other countries where she has consulted.

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Dr. Fouzia Saeed of Pakistan Presents in Minnesota

Saeed flyer

April 28, 2008

Alumna Andria Daniel, Lead Educator for Learning Dreams

Andria Daniel (M.Ed. '07) is the lead educator for the Learning Dreams site at Hall Elementary School in North Minneapolis, where she works with families of children who are experiencing problems with school.

"The focus is on the parent," says Andria, who often connects with families in the Learning Dreams program by meeting with a child’s parents in their home. She invites parents to reflect on how they would like to learn new skills and information. Then she helps parents identify their own learning dream or goal. The next step is to help the parent connect with community resources to help them achieve their learning goal. Andria shared examples of helping a parent get her driver’s license by covering the cost of behind-the-wheel driver’s training, and connecting a parent who wants to own her own business with Women Venture, an organization that trains women to become successful business owners. Once parents are making progress on their own learning, they are helped to support their children's education and learning at home and at school. "This is a great opportunity for me to work with parents and apply my knowledge of adult learning skills," said Andria.

Andria Daniel graduated in May 2007 with a Master of Education Professional Studies degree in Family Education. Her goal is to continue to help families achieve their own learning goals and dreams by working with them in their homes and communities.

March 19, 2007

Community and Learning Certificate Program Approved!

The "C" in FYC now has its own program. The new Community and Learning Certificate is a 15-credit graduate-level program. Interested students can now apply to the program. See the Program Website for details.

February 12, 2007

Ph.D. Student Mustafa Ibrahim Receives Fellowship

Mustafa Ibrahim, a Family, Youth, and Community Ph.D. student in Curriculum and Instruction has been named one of three fellows for the 2007-2008 Graduate Fellowships on Philanthropy and Human Rights, a joint venture between HECUA, the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs, and the Otto Bremer Foundation. The three fellows will spend the academic year working on individual research projects that will involve collaboration with local communities and nonprofit organizations while integrating their research with academic objectives. They will work at the Otto Bremer Foundation’s St. Paul office, have access to resources and community contacts, attend seminars and conferences related to philanthropy and human rights and receive a $13,500 stipend to support their research.

Mustafa’s main goal is to understand the social and cultural life of the Somalis in the Twin Cities. He will investigate how newly arrived immigrant communities like Somalis and others can be successful in the United States socially, economically and politically while still maintaining their culture and social capitol. Mustafa is especially interested in researching the educational struggles that many Somali youth are facing today in the Twin Cities. Before studying at the University of Minnesota, he studied at the International African University in Khartoum, Sudan and the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he studied Educational Administration. He currently lives in St. Paul and has five children.

December 18, 2006

Creating Curriculum from Community Settings

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CI 5900 Special Topics in Family, Youth, and Community

Creating Curriculum from
Community Settings

Spring 2007


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November 22, 2006

Learning Circles: Foundation, Theory, and Practice (2 cr)

New course offering Spring 2007!
CI 5900-6 Special Topics in Family, Youth, and Community

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November 4, 2006

Learning new (blog) tricks

Family, Youth, and Community faculty, staff, and graduate assistants have been given authoring privileges to post new entries to our experimental blog. To demonstrate the "notifications" feature of the blog, they have also been included on the list of individuals who receive an email any time a new entry is posted to the blog.