February 8, 2008

New FACS Bookmark/Postcard

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February 15, 2007

Family Education doctoral student and FACS teacher in the news

Nicole Bates-Childs, a Family Education Ph.D. student and Family and Consumer Sciences teacher in St. Paul, and her three teenage daughters were featured on WCCO's television news on February 14th. Interviewed by reporter Esme Murphy, they spoke in favor of the state's proposal to vaccinate all 12 year-old-girls against strains of the human papiloma virus that can cause cervical cancer. An excerpt from the story and a link to follow.

Doctors said the vaccine is almost 100 percent effective, but critics worry about the message the new law would send to young girls.

Nicole Bates Childs has three girls. As a high school teacher she thinks a vaccine that could prevent cervical cancer is a good idea.

"It makes a sense to do it age 12 because that is the last time they are in there [the doctor's office] and they are giving them their vaccines and a lot of kids are relieved to be done until they are 18 and going off to college," Childs said.

The vaccine is most effective when given to girls before they become sexually active.

Government surveys show that 7 percent of children under age 13 have sex. By age 15, that number jumps to 25 percent.

Link to the WCCO story

February 5, 2007

Family Education Students and Graduates Profiled Online

We are proud of family education students and graduates! We are delighted that many have given permission to use their photos and short profiles that reflect their interests and experiences in our programs and their academic careers. The links below take you to pages that include their profiles. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page or search alphabetically to find them.

Current Students and Recent Graduates

Ph.D. students Diane Anderson, Kathleen Matuska, and Sheila Moriarty

Ph.D. graduates Elizabeth (Elee) Wood and Robert Brenneman

M.A. student Heather Dubbeldee and graduate Sara Carpenter

Parent and family education licensure and M.Ed. student San Ha

Family and consumer sciences licensure graduates
Heidi Johnson and Shawna Grapentin

Distinguished Alumni

Geraldine Hodelin, Jamaica

Jean Illsley Clarke, Amy Jean Knorr, Marilyn (Marty) Rossmann

November 1, 2006

Family and Consumer Sciences Cohort 2006-07

Family and Consumer Sciences initial licensure students Megan Lundberg, Sarah Kjergaard, Jalane Gunderson, Kahla Sparish, and Carly Emil ham it up after their lab management class.