December 18, 2009

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April 17, 2009

Deb Roberts receives advanced study scholarship

RobertsD.jpgFamily Education M.Ed. professional studies and parent and family education licensure student Deborah S. Roberts has been awarded an advanced study student scholarship from the College's alumni society in recognition of her academic performance and potential for making a significant contribution to the field of education and human development. The award was presented to Roberts on Friday, April 17 at the CEHD Alumni Society awards celebration. A reception followed the ceremony.

April 5, 2009

Dissertation leads to work with local Hmong community members

Melissa Shamblott, Ph.D., is a Family Education alumna whose doctoral dissertation was of interest to Hmong leaders and researchers at the University of Minnesota working to increase school readiness of children in "family, friend, and neighbor care" [video length: 4 minutes 11 seconds].

February 9, 2009

Cooke receives MnAEYC award

Dr. Betty Cooke Betty Cooke, Ph.D., lecturer in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (family, youth, and community), received the Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children's Evelyn House Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of early childhood and family education and to MnAEYC. The award was presented to Cooke on February 6, 2009 by MnAEYC co-president Angele Sancho Passe at the Annual Conference of the Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children (MnAEYC) and the Minnesota School Age Care Alliance (MnSACA). The theme of this year’s Annual Conference was "Partnering for Minnesota’s Children."

September 30, 2008

Dr. Fouzia Saeed receives 2008 Distinguished Leadership Award

A celebration for Dr. Fouzia Saeed, 2008 winner of the University of Minnesota's Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals, and alumna of family education programs was held on September 30, 2008. The Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals is a University-wide award for alumni, former students, and friends of the University who have distinguished themselves in their post-university work as leaders in their professional careers. Dr. Saeed was honored by her colleagues in the College of Education and Human Development and the University's Office of International Programs for her work ensuring human rights for men, women, and children in Pakistan and in other countries where she has consulted.

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May 1, 2008

Dr. Susan Walker Completes First Year as FE Faculty

Dr. Susan Walker

The Family Education faculty and students are pleased that Dr. Susan Walker joined the Family, Youth, and Community faculty in the fall and is completing her first year with us. The energy and enthusiasm that she shares with us have inspired us all; she has quickly become a respected and well-liked colleague and instructor.

Susan arrived in Minnesota last summer, having moved from the Washington, D.C., area where she had been employed at the University of Maryland. This year she has taught courses in the online parent education curriculum and other graduate level family education courses, is continuing her research work with rural, low-income mothers, and has become well acquainted with tasks related to a number of departmental and College committees.

Susan said she "is thrilled to be in Minnesota to do the work she was meant to do." When asked what brought her here, Susan replied that part of the reason she was thrilled with the opportunity to work in parent and family education at the University of Minnesota was "because of the rich environment here compared to other parts of the country." Although she had been involved in work with parents and families in other areas, such as health, schools and policy issues, she said her position in FYC is one that "truly supports the needs of parents, their interests and advocacy, and reinforces the structures by being part a group." She explained that she can do in Minnesota what she can't do elsewhere because of the climate of support for parent and family education.

The decision to change jobs in her career and to move her family were not made easily. Susan, her husband and daughter all recognized what they were giving up by leaving dear friends and the lives they had known in Maryland; however, Susan said that following her passion and dreams was made easier because there was "a personal pull" in the return to the family's Midwestern roots in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and "escape from some of the insanity" of life in the Washington, D.C., area.

Outside of work, the loves of her life are her 14-year-old daughter, Alice, and husband, Patrick. A significant amount of non-human love and joy in her life comes from Audrey, a pug not yet two years old, that Susan says "has undergone significant stress and trauma in her young life and is a symbol of resilience and happiness."

Susan, we're delighted to have you with us and appreciate all that you have inspired and accomplished this year!

Susan's dog, Audrey

Parent Education Certificate Program Enrolls First Students

A new parent education certificate program was recently approved by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents, and students from across the country are beginning to apply to it. This certificate is offered through Family Education in Family, Youth & Community in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Human Development. It is intended to prepare professionals to plan, coordinate, and teach parent education programs and services for families with children from early childhood through adolescence.

Family Education has a long history of providing a parent education licensure program to prepare students to obtain the Minnesota Board of Teaching Parent and Family Educator license for employment as parent educators in Minnesota’s Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) programs offered by public school districts. When all of the parent education courses needed for completion of this teacher licensure program became available online for both distance and local learners during the past two years, it was a logical next step to broaden the outreach of the program to those who work with parents in Minnesota programs other than ECFE and in other states and countries. Thus, the certificate program was launched.

The 16-credit program prepares professionals who are well qualified to deliver programs designed to address the intellectual, emotional, cultural, social and physical needs of parents and children. In addition to educational settings that may include public-school parent education programs, preschools, child care centers, and Head Start programs, parent educators may also work in health care and social service agencies and institutions and faith-based settings.

More information about the program and how to apply is available on the University of Minnesota website at

April 28, 2008

Alumna Andria Daniel, Lead Educator for Learning Dreams

Andria Daniel (M.Ed. '07) is the lead educator for the Learning Dreams site at Hall Elementary School in North Minneapolis, where she works with families of children who are experiencing problems with school.

"The focus is on the parent," says Andria, who often connects with families in the Learning Dreams program by meeting with a child’s parents in their home. She invites parents to reflect on how they would like to learn new skills and information. Then she helps parents identify their own learning dream or goal. The next step is to help the parent connect with community resources to help them achieve their learning goal. Andria shared examples of helping a parent get her driver’s license by covering the cost of behind-the-wheel driver’s training, and connecting a parent who wants to own her own business with Women Venture, an organization that trains women to become successful business owners. Once parents are making progress on their own learning, they are helped to support their children's education and learning at home and at school. "This is a great opportunity for me to work with parents and apply my knowledge of adult learning skills," said Andria.

Andria Daniel graduated in May 2007 with a Master of Education Professional Studies degree in Family Education. Her goal is to continue to help families achieve their own learning goals and dreams by working with them in their homes and communities.

April 25, 2008

Soohong Kim, CI Student Research Poster Presenter


FYC doctoral student Soo-Hong Kim was one of 20 students who presented research to faculty and students during Curriculum and Instruction's Student Research Day, held April 11, 2008, from 1-5 P.M in Peik Hall. Kim presented posters on two research studies, "International graduate student mothers' stressful lives," by Soo-Hong Kim, and "Living on the Outskirts of U. S. Life: Asian Graduate Student Mothers," by Soo-Hong Kim, Kyong-Ah Kwon, Mei-Ju Ko, Larisa Frias, Judy Myers-Walls.

The well-attended event included snacks and beverages, prizes, and a drawing for a $10 gift card to a local restaurant. Additional photos of the event are available online.

Catherine Johnson, 2007-08 Fellowship Recipient

Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson is the recipient of the 2007-08 Ruth and Paul Thomas Family Education Graduate Fellowship. The award has made it possible for her to be a full time FYC doctoral student and immerse herself in what the University has to offer. Catherine appreciates the generosity of the Thomas family, saying, "I hope that I can merit the confidence shown in me by contributing with in the field of Family, Youth and Community." Dr. Ruth Thomas, who is also Catherine’s adviser, “has been an excellent guide in the process of getting started at the University and in the field of Family Education," according to Catherine.

Catherine has worked as a physical therapist in Fairmont, MN, at Mayo Health Systems during the last 17 years. Her experience includes work in outpatient clinics, long-term care, home health, and school districts. All of these situations included the need for teaching clients, which led to Catherine’s interest in what makes an effective therapist-educator. Catherine completed a post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy program that included projects related to patient education, particularly low literacy patient education. Her experiences in home visiting through the school districts and home health agencies continued to demonstrate the need for educational methods and materials that were relevant and accessible to families with low educations or low literacy.

Dr. Jerry McClelland (now retired) first encouraged Catherin to further her interest in educating families with low levels of education, socio-economic status and limited technology while working on her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction in Family, Youth, and Community. Johnson is finishing her second semester of classes in May 2008 and says she has "found all of the professors to be excellent teachers, guides and leaders."

Brice Dixon awarded CEHD Alumni Scholarship

Brice Dixon

FYC Masters of Arts student Brice Dixon was one of three recipients of the College of Education and Human Development Alumni Society's Advanced Study Student Scholarships awarded on Friday, April 18, 2008 awards celebration held at McNamara Alumni Center.

Brice is originally from a small, rural town in South Carolina. He attended Morris College, a small historically Black college in a neighboring city and graduated number one in his class. During his final semester he served as a research assistant to a psychology professor who encouraged him to apply to top graduate schools. Brice sought out the top education programs in the country. “The University of Minnesota ranked number five at the time on U.S. News and World Report. I missed the deadlines for the first four schools, applied to the U, and was offered a spot in the FYC program and offered a nice scholarship," said Brice. Read Brice's personal profile below:

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December 1, 2007

Student Profile: Soohong Kim

Soo-Hong KimI am working on my doctoral degree in FYC with an emphasis on Family Education. I completed my M.A. in family education at the University of Minnesota during spring semester 2006.

I received my B.S. in Child Development and M.Ed. in Early Childhood Development in South Korea. I worked extensively with the educational system in South Korea, teaching kindergarten and working with parents, and was honored to receive several awards and grants related to my teaching, committee work, and research. I currently work as a graduate research assistant in the Family Education program where I supports faculty and program projects.

I most enjoy learning about conducting research. My master's thesis was on the experiences of Korean mothers' strong commitment to their children's education, which I presented on at the National Council on Family Relations conference in 2007. In 2008, I presented at the same conference on the experiences of Asian graduate students who are also mothers. My most important professional goal is to help families and children, and I hope to accomplish this through my favorite activity, research.

September 14, 2007

Naming FYC's promise, position, and personality

A few of the Family, Youth, and Community faculty members met over the summer to further develop our ideas of the links between family, youth, and community in our programs. A draft document was created that builds on the idea of our program area makes a promise about what we do, has a position about how we go about fulfilling our promise, and a personality that we are known for.

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March 19, 2007

Community and Learning Certificate Program Approved!

The "C" in FYC now has its own program. The new Community and Learning Certificate is a 15-credit graduate-level program. Interested students can now apply to the program. See the Program Website for details.

February 12, 2007

Ph.D. Student Mustafa Ibrahim Receives Fellowship

Mustafa Ibrahim, a Family, Youth, and Community Ph.D. student in Curriculum and Instruction has been named one of three fellows for the 2007-2008 Graduate Fellowships on Philanthropy and Human Rights, a joint venture between HECUA, the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs, and the Otto Bremer Foundation. The three fellows will spend the academic year working on individual research projects that will involve collaboration with local communities and nonprofit organizations while integrating their research with academic objectives. They will work at the Otto Bremer Foundation’s St. Paul office, have access to resources and community contacts, attend seminars and conferences related to philanthropy and human rights and receive a $13,500 stipend to support their research.

Mustafa’s main goal is to understand the social and cultural life of the Somalis in the Twin Cities. He will investigate how newly arrived immigrant communities like Somalis and others can be successful in the United States socially, economically and politically while still maintaining their culture and social capitol. Mustafa is especially interested in researching the educational struggles that many Somali youth are facing today in the Twin Cities. Before studying at the University of Minnesota, he studied at the International African University in Khartoum, Sudan and the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he studied Educational Administration. He currently lives in St. Paul and has five children.

February 5, 2007

Family Education Students and Graduates Profiled Online

We are proud of family education students and graduates! We are delighted that many have given permission to use their photos and short profiles that reflect their interests and experiences in our programs and their academic careers. The links below take you to pages that include their profiles. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page or search alphabetically to find them.

Current Students and Recent Graduates

Ph.D. students Diane Anderson, Kathleen Matuska, and Sheila Moriarty

Ph.D. graduates Elizabeth (Elee) Wood and Robert Brenneman

M.A. student Heather Dubbeldee and graduate Sara Carpenter

Parent and family education licensure and M.Ed. student San Ha

Family and consumer sciences licensure graduates
Heidi Johnson and Shawna Grapentin

Distinguished Alumni

Geraldine Hodelin, Jamaica

Jean Illsley Clarke, Amy Jean Knorr, Marilyn (Marty) Rossmann

November 2, 2006

New poster promotes FYC programs

download file
The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has a new poster to promote the department's education programs. Look for it around the University of Minnesota and in schools. Our family and consumer sciences, family education, parent education, and youth development leadership programs are listed.

September 29, 2006

International Visitor

Dr. Miwako Hayashi
Dr. Miwako Hayashi, associate professor of family and consumer sciences education at Mie University in Japan, visited the family education program at the University of Minnesota from September 21 to September 30, 2006. The purpose of Dr. Hayashi's visit was to gain a better understanding of the professional and Graduate School programs offered at the University in the area of family education. To do this, she interviewed family education faculty, attended courses they were teaching, and participated in a faculty meeting. This is Dr. Hayashi's second visit to the University of Minnesota. In 2000, she visited the family education program for the purpose of better understanding the family and consumer sciences programs offered at the middle and high school levels. At that time, Dr. Hayashi and two of her colleagues visited several middle and high schools in the Twin Cities area.