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Mugabe jeopardizes power-sharing deal

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe gave control of major arms of his government to his own Zanu-PF party on Saturday, excluding the opposition Movement for Democratic Chance (MDC) from the process.

The move is seen as a threat to the shared power deal between the parties that was brokered last month.

According to Sky News, ‚ÄúThe president handed control of defence, home affairs and finance to Zanu-PF.‚Ä? The International Herald Tribune, however, noted that the details of the finance positions were still under discussion.

Both sources recognized the concern some feel over Mugabe‚Äôs unilateral decision. Sky News said, ‚ÄúThe MDC has argued it should take the lion's share of power as it won most votes in a first round of elections in March.‚Ä?

The International Herald Tribune article was much more comprehensive than Sky News in its description of the power struggle between Mugabe and the MDC, as well as in the overarching consequences this will have for Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, the IHT quoted representatives of both parties, family members of those involved, and even discussed the U.S. Ambassador’s involvement in the issue.