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Coleman's lead over Franken stands at 167 votes by end of Saturday

By the end of Saturday, the margin of votes separating Sen. Norm Coleman and his opponent, Al Franken, stood at 167.

The official recount of the ballots in the senatorial race has Coleman ahead, with about 65.5 percent of votes having been looked at again. 1,893 votes have been challenged, indicating the outcome of the race is still unclear.

The incredibly close race has led many to stress the importance of voting. According to the Star Tribune, “Coleman volunteer, Lynda Bodin, a dental hygienist from Wayzata, said: “If you stayed home (on election day) thinking your vote doesn’t count, this proves it does.?

The Star Tribune also discussed the problem of missing ballots on a county by county basis, and included quotes from representatives from both campaigns.

The Pioneer Press focused much of its attention on the challenged votes. According to the Pioneer Press, “‘They told us that they were given strict orders to challenge as many as they could,’ she said. ‘So they challenged every stray mark.’?