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Florida teen commits suicide, streams it live online

A young Florida man killed himself and streamed footage of his death through his webcam.

The video was posted on the personal blog of Abraham Biggs, a 19-year-old, through Justin.tv. The teenager announced his plan to commit suicide, and received responses that ranged from disbelief, attempts to dissuade the attempt, and even viewers that egged Biggs on.

Biggs’ family denounced the website, as well as the fact that no one contacted authorities about the suicide as it was happening until it was too late.

According to the BBC, “It is unclear how many people watched Wednesday's suicide unfold, although reports suggest that some viewers thought it was a hoax.?

The BBC also reported that “Biggs took an overdose of anti-depressive drugs, but remained comatose online for hours before he died.?

Part of the reason some viewers thought it was a hoax is apparently due to previous suicide attempts Biggs had faked. ABC News noted that “‘The bloggers said that Biggs had threatened to kill himself before and had faked it, so at first they didn't believe him," said Crane….comments on the thread included an exchange about whether the image of Biggs' motionless body was a still photograph or a video.’?

Both news agencies addressed the disgust of both authorities and the family of the victim in their stories. ABC had more specific details concerning what exactly was posted by Biggs (including some of the text he posted regarding reasons for his suicide). The BBC included more family reaction.