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Obama in talks with Clinton over possible cabinet position

President-elect Barack Obama met with Senator Hillary Clinton on Thursday in Chicago, purportedly to discuss the possibility of Clinton taking on the position of secretary of state.

No job was offered and other positions were discussed, but the prospect of Clinton in one of the most powerful cabinet positions has definitely sparked a lot of interest.

According to the International Herald Tribune, the meeting also included discussion over the option of Clinton’s help through her role in the Senate. It would entail “Clinton's staying in the Senate and taking a lead there in helping Obama enact a program for universal health care, the issue that both senators emphasized - with some differences - in their respective campaigns.?

The New York Times examined the different tactical sides to such a decision. “Senior Senate Democratic officials say it has become increasingly clear to Mrs. Clinton and her advisers that there was no quick route to a position of influence in the Senate, potentially increasing her interest in a prominent role in the Obama administration.?

Furthermore, the New York Times noted the problematic outcomes Obama could face if Clinton were chosen for the position. The first mentioned was, invariably, potential remnants of feelings of rivalry between the two. “The drama-averse president-elect would also inevitably be sharing the stage with both Clintons, with all of the attention and baggage that accompany them wherever they go. And her appointment could undercut his argument that he is bringing true change to Washington.?