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Obama says economy will be top priority

In a press conference Friday night, followed by a radio address Saturday, President-elect Barack Obama emphasized that the economy would be his administration’s top priority.

Growing concern for the state of the US economy and the impact it is having on global markets has created an issue that must be given close attention. According to the International Herald Tribune, “Obama signaled that he intended to move quickly to address the nation's financial problems, despite any obstacles. ‘I want to ensure that we hit the ground running on Jan. 20,’ he said on Saturday, ‘because we don't have a moment to lose.’ ?

The IHT article also discussed the tendency for presidents to attempt to take on too much. It specifically mentioned the internal debate in Obama’s camp about whether he should stagger multiple initiatives to tackle several of his campaign promises, or instead focus on the economy with his full force.

According to Gulf Daily News, “Obama deferred to President George W Bush and his economic team, noting that the country has only one government and one president at a time.? This clarifies that despite Obama’s victory on Tuesday, he is not President yet and all he discusses is still in planning stages.

The Gulf Daily News article discussed a wider range of the issues that Obama hopes to forge new solutions for in his first term. This included immigration, education, health care, and foreign policy.