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Car crash in Brooklyn Center leaves 1 dead and 3 injured

A car crash in Brooklyn Center on Saturday left one dead and three injured.

According to the Star Tribune, “Authorities said the chain-reaction crash, reported at 6:17 p.m., at the intersection of Hwy. 252 and 66th Avenue N., was alcohol-related but no arrests had yet been made.�

The Star Tribune only commented on one injury, though information concerning the other injuries may not have been released as of press time for the newspaper.

Details were still scarce as of Sunday morning; however, WCCO reported that “Police say several cars were stopped in the eastbound lanes of 66th Street. A vehicle approaching from behind never stopped and slammed into the traffic. They say the driver … after his car somehow caught fire.�

Both news organizations focused on the primary and basic information of the crash. WCCO had more specific references than the Star Tribune, including car makes and a few names. Furthermore, WCCO ended the article with a brief mention of the weather conditions expected for the rest of the weekend, emphasizing caution for drivers in hazardous weather.