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Hillary Clinton named Obama's Secretary of State on Monday

Hillary Clinton was officially named Secretary of State in President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet on Monday.

The New York Times reported that upon accepting the position, Clinton said that “she promised to give ‘my all’ to him and his administration. ‘I am proud to join you on what will be a difficult and exciting adventure in this new century,’ Mrs. Clinton said.?

The Detroit Free Press recognized that six months ago, Clinton and Obama were arguing in the primaries. However, differences have been put aside in the effort to form a strong national security team.

According to the Detroit Free Press, “Former Michigan Gov. Jim Blanchard…called it ‘a fabulous appointment’ and said it offers a kind of ‘double-barreled leadership’ for America on the foreign policy front. Any suggestion that it could be a divided relationship is misguided, he said.?

The Detroit Free Press article focused on the choice of Clinton, specifically, while the New York Times article revolved around an analysis of all Obama’s selections for his national security team, providing an interpretation of what the team signals for the future of Obama’s presidency.