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Nearly 100 arrests made after oppositional rally on Sunday in Moscow

Over 90 people were arrested in Moscow after participating in an oppositional rally Sunday.

Gary Kasparov, a former chess champion, organized the rally.

One of the organizations protestors were a part of was the Other Russia. According to CNN, “The Other Russia's Web site said Kasparov and about 200 other opposition members met Friday and Saturday outside Moscow, ‘finalizing a new movement, which aims to peacefully dismantle what they describe as the illegitimate regime ruling Russia.’?

At the rally, Kasparov said that the structure of the current Russian government makes it impossible for any legitimate reform to happen; thus the only possibility for change is to dismantle the Putin regime.

The BBC reported that “The Moscow authorities had warned that Sunday's demonstration, which had not been given permission, would be ‘firmly stopped by law enforcement officers within the framework of the law’?.

Both articles were very similar, providing quotes from Kasparov and details about the actions of Moscow police.