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Recount for Senate race ended Friday

The recount of ballots in the senatorial race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman ended Friday.

Though the final count shows Coleman leading by 192 votes, the recount is not the final step in determining who will become the next senator of Minnesota.

Many articles pertaining to the situation emphasized that the election was far from over despite the completion of the recount of 2.9 million ballots.

According to the Pioneer Press, “if Republican Sen. Norm Coleman or Democratic challenger Al Franken hopes to be sworn in on time Jan. 6 — and the odds of that dwindle as the recount drags on — he will first have to go through a five-member state canvassing board charged with determining voter intent on potentially thousands of challenged ballots.?

The canvassing board is set to begin on Dec. 16, and will deal with the approximately 6,000 votes that have been challenged by the two candidates.

The Washington Post also reported on the unlikelihood of a quick resolution of the recount. According to the Washington Post, “The Secretary of State's office in Minnesota hasn't released an official count and won't declare a winner in the race until after that board meets.?

The Washington Post article was far more limited in scope than the extensive analysis proffered by the Pioneer Press, though the Washington Post focused more on viewing the election through a national lens.