September 18, 2005

Learning about me?

Fijishin chapter on knowing yourself was very interesting to me. I learned that I did not really know who I was. That's scary to think of, but when it comes down to things I tend to tedder to both sides of the pole. When in doubt I go back to my sign, Libra, and libras are very indeceisive, and for right now, I am okay with that.

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September 14, 2005

Where is Vista2?

I am unable to access vista2. We were told in class that it would be up and running by today so we could access the material on the site. I was hoping that I could obtain the question for the blog today on that website and I was unable to. I believe it had something to do with Goldman's book. Hopefully on my next blog I will be able to answer the question and Vista 2 will be accessable.

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September 10, 2005

Goleman's Book

I am not a huge fan of Goleman's book. I think he likes to ramble on and on. I also think that what he writes about is common sense in 90% of people. To successfully complete my blog entry #2: Weaknesses, I often think that my ideas are very important and I have to say them right away. I need to listen more than share my ideas. Strength, I like to smile alot, which I believe makes people feel more comfortable in a group setting.

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Here I am.

My name is Karen Gaffaney. I am a senior in Applied Economics. I am graduating this year and hope to have a career in Marketing. I teach group excerise and spin classes at the U of M Recreation Center. I hope to learn about myself and how I interact with a group in 3266 this year.

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