October 24, 2005


I really enjoyed Breeze. I thought it was easy and fun to use. I was sitting in the comfort of my home, cooking lunch and talking to everyone. I thought we made good progress in our project. I hope in my future I will be able to utilize this software. If I become an analyst it will help me communicate with clients that are often located over seas. I see this as a better form of communication than email or the telephone.

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October 17, 2005

All Done!

I have enjoyed Goleman's book. At first I was a huge skeptic and over all his style of writing annoys me, but I have taken valueable things out of the book, such as his five personal and social competiencies. The paper that we have wrote really forced me to look critically at myself and think about what I really want out of life and work. Goleman's book is about team work, but I have learned that the most important part of the team is yourself, and how you conduct yourself around others, this was a much needed life lesson.

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Alittle Behind

I am a week behind in the blogs. So this blog is for week six. Out of the five dysfunctional roles Fujishin has stated I am most worried about being the "pleaser." Fujishin states this person is "generally uncomfortable asserting opinions, defending postions, and sharing feelings (Fujishin 34)." If I could summarize myself this would be it. I am very task orientated and I often I just want to complete the task so fast that I will not try to stop the flow of things getting done. This leads me to be the pleaser. I think that as long as I am aware of this I can begin to work on it.

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October 4, 2005

It's me; in one sentence!

My personal statement: To live a simple, healthy life full of fun, and happiness. I did not like making a personal statement. I felt like I was cutting my self short. It seemed like I had to summarize myself in just one or two sentences and I felt like I was far more complex than that. I want more out of life than just fun and happiness. People write whole books about what they want out of life, and I would rather do that.

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