November 30, 2005

The Tipping Point

I believe hybrid cars are at their tipping point. Between heavy television advertising and celebrity endorsements I believe the cars will become widely popular. The hybrid car is a perfect example for the book. At first the car was only for extreme enviromental junkies like my cousin Paul who lives in Portland. He is an innovator. He had the car about nine years ago when I didn't even know they exsisted. Then you had the early adaptors like some big name celebrities who drive the car to be the first. Now the car is more common for average people to drive. You even see many soccer moms driving the new Lexus hybrid SUV. Hybrid cars like huss puppies in the book are going to be the new coolest thing on the market very soon. I know I want one and I am one of the last people to join a trend.

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November 19, 2005

I enjoy reading the book "Tipping Point." This book has made me think alot about the world and where I fit in. The book reminds me of who I am not. Meaning that since I am not a connector, a maven or a salesmen I wonder where do I fit into the picture of life. I wonder if I will ever cause something great to happen. I wonder if I could ever make an idea a national bestseller like Gladwell. I am not one of the chosen few, and I wonder as I keep reading the book if Gladwell will ever answer the question "Where does everyone else fit in?"

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November 14, 2005

This was my most successful team project I have ever completed. I was aware of the roles in the group, and the role I traditionally play (the pleaser) and I avoided being the pleaser for this team. I had opionions and ideas for the project but I was also aware that I can often be over powering, and I restrained myself from speaking until I thought about my comments. I found myself to be motivated for the project because I wanted to help my team members out. I really enjoyed working with them and I thought we were very successful in the end. I can truely see how this class is important, and how all people should be aware of the team process. I will look back on this class in my future and continously apply it to my life.

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