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Giuliani Out of Primary

Republican Rudolph Giuliani ended his campaign towards presidency on Wednesday, when he officially dropped out of the national primary after a disappointing poll in Florida, writes the New York Times. Giuliani finished third in the polls, while Senator John McCain finished in first, gaining an overall vote of 36 percent, states NPR.
Giuliani announced his official endorsement of McCain, at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA, which was the site of Wednesday night's debate involving the remaining GOP candidates, writes Yahoo News.
The New York Times quotes senior adviser to Mr. McCain, Steve Schmidt, “There are many Rudy Giuliani voters — which is not an insignificant number, by any stretch of the imagination — who will now be drawn to John McCain."
Despite Giuliani's leadership during the Sept. 11 attacks, he still gives credit to McCain calling him "an American hero" and "the most qualified candidate to be the next commander in chief of the United States," states the New York Times.
McCain, who fought in the Vietnam War and was a POW, is thankful for Giuliani's support, saying, "This man is a national hero and I'm honoured by his friendship," reports the BBC.
The GOP primary now heads to Maine, and will be Minnesota on the fifth. Even though one major competitor is out of the race, McCain is not slowing down his campaign. He will be making numerous media appearances throughout the country in states such as California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York, writes the New York Press.