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I was very surprised to read about a recent story regarding Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaking at North High School. North High School and even that area of Minneapolis is known to be a racially black area, where the minority is caucasian people. Before reading the article, I thought tha piece was going to be preachy and would capitalize a lot on the black community. However, I was surprised to see how the writer/reported covered the story. She made the story not about the people but about the message, which was of peace. Yet, she did include facts about homicide rates for that area, compared with last year. This was important because it painted a picture of what the area is like without using judgement or stereotypes or even subtle assumptions. She simply gave the facts and let the reader make an opinion from there. The story is empowering. It gave the reader details about the event, the community, and even the person Tutu. Before this article I had no idea who Desmond Tutu was or why he was important.
Overall, this story is a non-assumming article filled with facts and information to inform the reader, nothing more. It handles diversity and this area very well given the nature of the area. It was a nice article and I felt good after reading it.