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Father Kills Son in Turkey Hunting Accident

An 8-year-old boy was killed Saturday during a hunting accident after his father mistook him a wild turkey and shoot him in the chest, authorities said.
Hunter Klaseus, who was to turn 9 at the end of April, was pronounced dead at the scene while hunting with his father, Anthony Klaseus, reported Kare 11 News.
"It's a tragedy, an absolute tragedy," said Sibley County Sheriff Bruce Ponath.
The Klaseus' were hunting in a plowed farm field in Faxon Township, near Belle Plaine, said Sheriff Bruce Ponath, reported the Star Tribune.
Klaseus told his son to stay on the edge of the field, as he snuck closer to the turkeys. Klaseus made his way into some woods when Hunter decided he would catch up with his dad, Ponath said.
Hunter was about 20 yards away from his dad when Klaseus mistook him for a turkey and fired his 12-gauge shotgun at Hunter, Ponath said.
Hunter was shot once in the chest. Klaseus called 911 on his cell phone and then carried Hunter about a quarter of a mile to meet emergency responders where he was pronounced dead, reported Kare 11 News.
"That family is going through very hard times right now," Ponath said.
Both father and son were wearing camouflage instead of blaze orange, which is legal for turkey hunting. Klaseus does not have a hunting license, Ponath said. The incident is under investigation and no charges have been filed yet.