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The story involving numbers is a survey about genital herpes. The author used various forms of numbers to show the decrease in the number of people infected with the disease. It began in the title, that there is a 17 percent decline. The author also uses dates and percentages that have decreased over the specific number of years. The author also uses specifics of how many were surveyed and what the results were; one in 10 were infected. The author used not only percentages and years, but also age groups.
The numbers are a little overwhelming towards the end. At the beginning, the first couple of paragraphs are without any numbers at all. Then toward the end, all the numbers appear. Also, given the style that he was showing the data, is became very difficult to read. He had the age group, then the decline percent, followed by then the specific percentage of decline, all in one line. It was very difficult to read.
I liked that the author gave the readers the specifics about the survey, but if he cut some of the numbers down, and simplified what the results said, that might have been better. Or even if at the end of the story, provided the link to the actual survey results, that way he could condense a bit.
I think overall, the author used the numbers well and told the story so the reader could understand the results. I could not tell if he crunched the numbers himself, or if he received the numbers as is, but if worked fine.
I was slightly confused were he got the numbers from and whatthe survey was. He uses specific agencies that provided information, but as to where exactly all the numbers came from, still don't know. This worries me a bit about the validity of the story.