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Chinese Protest French Anti-Chinese Feelings

Thousands of Chinese began protesting against the French and the sympathy they has shown to not only Tibet, but pro-Tibetan agitators.
Protesters have also been attacking Western news outlets, especially CNN, for their baised news coverage over the TIbet issue.
These protesters rallied on Sunday in front of French Carrefour markets in six cities, reported the New York Times. Demonstrators carried banners saying, “Oppose Tibet Independence� and “Condemn CNN,� according to the official Xinhua News Agency. While their many student protesters sang the national anthem and waved Chinese flags.
This outpour of protests is the largest since 2005, that included tens of thousands of people taking to the streets to denounce Japanese textbooks that omitted information about wartime atrocities in China.
In recent days, the government has called on citizens to temper their fury at the West, but it has not acted to halt public demonstrations, which have been stoked by newspaper editorials, Internet postings and text messages sent to millions of cellphones.
“As citizens, we have the responsibility to express our patriotic enthusiasm calmly and rationally and express patriotic aspiration in an orderly and legal manner,� the state-run People's Daily newspaper said in a front-page editorial.
The newspaper called for a "cooling of passions" although it did not comment or condemn the demostrations or the french boycott.
Much of the fury toward the French was amplified by the story of Jin Jing. Jing is the disabled fencer who stubbornly clinged to the Olympic torch while a Tibet supporter tried to wrestle it away during the Paris relay, reported MSNBC News.
Anti-French sentiment in China also has grown since French President Nicolas Sarkozy said last month he is considering not attending the Olympic Games opening ceremony because of China's crackdown on Tibet.
In Paris, thousands of pro-China demonstrators staged a protest Saturday in support of Beijing. Many of the protesters, who demonstrated at the Place de la Republique, wore T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase "Let's make the Olympics a bridge, not a wall" in French.