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Bomb Explodes at San Diego Courthouse

A suspected pipe bomb exploded at a federal courthouse in San Diego early Sunday, damaging the entry and lobby, authorities said.
The blast blew out a glass window and damaged the front entrance, reported USA Today.
At about 1:40 a.m., someone place the device outside of the main entrance of the Edward J. Schwartz Federal Courthouse, said FBI spokesman Darrell Foxworth, reported the Los Angeles Times. The explosion destroyed a glass door, blasted schrapnel into the ceiling, and punched a hole in a fifth-story window of a building across the street, he said.
Debris from the blast was scattered throughout various places of the block. The streets around the courthouse remained closed while federal agents took photos and marked the location of shrapnel.
There were no reported injuries or structural damage.
"It's too early to tell if it's terrorism-related," Foxworth said. "It does not appear to be right now."
The bomb was reported by two guards in the building, reported USA Today. About 40 agents combed the front courtyard after the area was swept for explosives.
Investigators are reviewing film from security cameras and interviewing guards who had been on duty when the bomb went off, reported the LA Times.
Authorities said that surveillance cameras outside the building may provide information, however no cameras directly face the doorway.
The bomb does not appear to be linked to any current case at the courthouse. Authorities are keeping the courthouse closed through Monday.
No arrests have been made.