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Computer-Assisted Reporting

Computer-assisted reporting goes through the same process as regular reporting does. The reporter needs to do the same amout of outside research in order to write the story. The difference is the presentation.
Many reporters have the information to creat a multimedia spread, but don't have the skills to put it togetner. The article I viewed had many different forms of CAR which made the story not only more informational, but also interactive. The reporter or journalist needs to have knowledge of how to put together a slide show and an interactive map that allows you to visually see what happening or what the trends are and also partake and choose what information you want to read about. Beyond that there is also video you can add or audio slideshows. In general, if a reporter has a basic knowledge of how to download and create these programs, it should not be too hard to create a story that includes CAR. All the reporter is doing is showing the article and the information in a different way that is more visual.