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Man Wants to Change Name to "In God We Trust"

Illinois artist Steve Kreuscher wants a judge to allow him to legally change his name to "In God We Trust."
Kreuscher says the new name would symbolize the help God gave him through tough times, reported the Star Tribune.
Kreuscher plans to appear in court on June 13, hoping the judge will grant his request, reported the Arlington Heights Daily Herald.
His first name would be "In God" and the last name "We Trust."
"I want this with all my heart," says Kreuscher, the 57-year-old father of four.
Kreuscher has gone through a painful divorse, bouts of depression, financial problems and home invasion. Yet through it all, he believes hat god has protected him.
Kreuscher, a Christian who gave up on organized religion 20 years ago, said the new name would symbolize the story of his life, reported the Arlington Heights Daily Herald.
"I've had to trust God through incredibly hard times," he said.
Kreuscher is also worried that atheists will remove the phrase "In God We Trust" from U.S. currency. He remembers when the phrase "God Reigns" was removed from the Zion city seal in 1992 after the courts deemed it as unconstitutional.
Kreuscheris confident the judge will allow the change since he isn't breaking any regulations.
The county charges $246 for the petition. In addition, it requires the person to publish a legal notice in the newspaper three times. That could cost as much as $150.
"That will be the best $400 I've ever spent," Kreuscher said.