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Football Star Caught With Transvestites

Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima, soccer star and striker for Italy's A.C. Milan team, was questioned by police and humiliated by the press after involving himself with three male transvestite prositutes.
Ronaldo claimed he didn't know they were men, and when he found out tried to send them away, reported the New York Times. The transvestites then tried to extort money from the star in return for silence.
One of the prostitutes, Andreia Albertine aka Andre Luiz Ribeiro Albertino apparently is said to have claimed that Ronaldo had threatened to hit him when he discovered that he was not a woman, reported Girls Talk Sports News. Andreia also claimed that Ronaldo had taken drugs, and had threatened to hurt all of three.
Ronaldo denied threatening the prostitutes or using drugs.
Andreia demanded a payment of $30,000 to keep the story from the press, reported the New York Times.
“He has committed no crime, he has broken no law," Ronaldo’s agent, Fabiano Farah, said in an e-mailed statement sent Friday. " On the contrary, he is the victim in this case.?
The events of that night are still in question. Ronaldo said that the events are of a personal nature and is not longer being questioned by police.
Prostitution is legal here, and Ronaldo faces no criminal charges.
His behavior was “at most, immoral,? Carlos Augusto Nogueira, the investigating officer, said in televised statements.
The only thing Ronaldo will face is humiliation.