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Here are the cards for the final project:




Here are my icons for the final project


Day: 10

Today for the last day I really tried to challenge myself, the other lessons were fun to play and very helpful in my playing, however I picked up on them fairly quickly, so I found this lesson on polyrhythms, from freedrumlessons.com's YouTube channel. Polyrhythms are insanely complex, at least to me, it's basically playing multiple rhythms in one beat (hence "polyrhythm"). For example, playing 4/4 timing with your arms and 3/4 timing with your foot. It is just so complex for me, I am no where near getting it completely down and I'm afraid I never will, but I just need to keep practicing.

Day: 9*

*Since I decided to focus on drumming 2 days into my journaling I decided I would extend my journaling so that I had 8 days of drumming. Today I found a lesson on a bass drum technique called the Heel-Toe technique. The video was found on Jared Falk's (founder of FreeDrumLessons.com) YouTube channel. The video is split into two parts: here's part one, and here's part two. This technique will help make my bass drumming faster and more controlled.

Day: 8

Today I didn't learn a new lesson, instead I used what I have learned for a performance. Today was open mic night in the rafters and my two man band, BoomTang, have performed at it every month this year. After my classes got done, I came home for band practice, we usually only practice the day of the show because we are so busy with our schoolwork and everyday lives. My band mate, Donny, wrote a new song for the night, so I had to make up drums to go with the song. I think it is easier to make up your own drum beat rather than learning a song to cover, so practice went smoothly. The show was probably one of the best shows of the year, so it was a good day.

Day: 7

Today my drum lesson was on developing my arm speed, more specifically my single stroke roll speed. I found the lesson thanks to FreeDrumLessons.com and their YouTube channel. The video is the longest of all the lessons I've looked at so far, but I also think it was the most helpful. Any drummer no matter their level of playing can always practice to become faster and have more control, that is what this lesson has helped do.

Day: 6

Today I chose to practice a stick trick. The lesson I chose was a "secret" lesson from FreeDrumLessons.com. In this lesson it's a sweet trick and incorporating it into a drum beat. Really fun to learn and even more fun to play.

Day: 5

Today I chose to practice a rock linear drum lesson. I found this lesson again from the same source as the last lesson, the onlinedrummer YouTube channel.

Day: 4

Today I learned "The Doubling Technique," which is just playing fills and beats with a double stroke mixed it every now and then. It's a fairly easy concept and pretty easy to learn but it makes my fills sound so much cooler.

Here's the link to the video that taught me this technique: onlinedrummer

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