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Two Posters

Here are my two poster:
Building the Globe:
For this poster I am focusing on the dimension of cooperation. My poster shows many people working together to help make the Earth a better place. Saying we need many hands to help fix the Earth from the many different problems we all face.
Building the Globe.pdf

Absorption of Cultures:
For this poster I am focusing on the dimension of mutual understanding. My posters show a figure in the middle "absorbing" the different cultures around him/her. This figure looks like the Earth, because everyone on Earth should take in some other cultures, and understand what they believe and what they are going through.

Poster Anatomy

For my poster anatomy poster I used the Somkey The Bear poster, "Only You." Where he is pointing at you. Referring to the "Only you can prevent forest fires" campaign. d834smokey-bear-only-you-posters.jpg

This poster originates from the famous World War 1 recruiting poster with Uncle Sam doing the same pose with "I want you," writen.445px-Unclesamwantyou.jpg

And this famous American poster originates from the British recruiting poster with Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener, pointing at the viewer saying "Your country needs you."521px-YourCountryNeedsYou.jpg

Anatomy 2 Response

I read the anatomy 2 pdf and found it one, hard to read because everything was blurry, but also it was very interesting. It was interesting to see how the 60's psychedelic chromatic color revolution was turned into a mass marketing scheme. Also what they said about book covers is true, I've caught myself picking books based on what the cover looks like. And even thought the content on the inside is the same I do like to have the newer looking book cover over older styles.

4 Poster Designs

International Designs vs. USA Designs

While looking for design differences between USA's and other countries I found this blog, This blog does a great job of pointing out simple everyday things every country has and how other countries make theirs look better, than ours. For example, money, our money is a plain green color with the founding fathers and some historical buildings on it, where as, other countries like Sweden use multiple colors and different sizes for each money amount.

Also I have noticed that other countries advertisements are generally a lot more funny then ours, mainly because they aren't worried about offending people and just make, what we would find, inappropriate jokes.

Icograda, the International Council of Design Associations.

This article had a lot of important points made about graphic design and the society the work is being done for. Here are some of the notes I took while doing the reading:

A consistent well-balanced societal growth within a single culture generates graphic design of its own with a logical structure and identical level of style.

Priorities are not specified based on their communicative significance. It is the designer's taste that dictates what part of the work should stand out.

We have two types of graphic design; one is local design intended for domestic use, which we neglect to consider and craft, study and promote in educational institutions, and the other is a form of graphic design, which is mainly produced for participation of international contests and is mostly referred to as Iranian contemporary graphic design.

Communication has two components: information/message and the audience.

Design Blog List

Under Consideration: I went to this site and didn't really know where to look and what to look at, so I clicked on the first link that caught my eye, BRAND NEW, this link showed different brands logo changes and why it was a good change or bad one, I found this to be very interesting.

24-7 Design Heaven: I only looked at a few blogs but when the people had to say was very interesting, it's cool to see what designers think of modern designs in the world.

2modern: This site has some great designs and designs in creative places. I especially liked the Zebra tray and Bisque Radiators, but also this illustration of "Idea Killers:" 6a00d834522c5069e201287748672d970c-500wi.jpg

Charity Begins at Work: reading response

The main thing I took away, and really enjoyed, from this reading were all the examples of advertisement companies finding creative ways to advertise without spending too much money, since they're not getting paid much, if at all for their work. For example Studio Dumbar, was able to produce four months' worth of posters for the Zeebelt festival, by printing one four-colour example then overprinting each month's information.

Project 1: Process

Here is one of the designs I'm working on: Building the Globe.pdf

I have more thumbnail sketches to so in class.

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