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Contemporary Design that Reflects a Previous Style

I found this ad of Ray-Ban sun glasses that looks like a direct descendant to pop art, mainly Andy Warhol's work.


Magazine Article

I found my article in the February issue of Rollingstone magazine. The article (Lil Wayne Goes To Jail) is about rapper Lil Wayne going to jail. The article shows pictures of Lil Wayne's mug shots and other pictures of him. The type looks like it's crime scene tape, which goes with this article because of Lil Wayne's run in with the law.

Lil Wayne Goes.jpg

To Jail.jpg

Beguining Article.jpg

Poster Anatomy

For my poster anatomy poster I used the Somkey The Bear poster, "Only You." Where he is pointing at you. Referring to the "Only you can prevent forest fires" campaign. d834smokey-bear-only-you-posters.jpg

This poster originates from the famous World War 1 recruiting poster with Uncle Sam doing the same pose with "I want you," writen.445px-Unclesamwantyou.jpg

And this famous American poster originates from the British recruiting poster with Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener, pointing at the viewer saying "Your country needs you."521px-YourCountryNeedsYou.jpg

International Designs vs. USA Designs

While looking for design differences between USA's and other countries I found this blog, This blog does a great job of pointing out simple everyday things every country has and how other countries make theirs look better, than ours. For example, money, our money is a plain green color with the founding fathers and some historical buildings on it, where as, other countries like Sweden use multiple colors and different sizes for each money amount.

Also I have noticed that other countries advertisements are generally a lot more funny then ours, mainly because they aren't worried about offending people and just make, what we would find, inappropriate jokes.

Design Blog List

Under Consideration: I went to this site and didn't really know where to look and what to look at, so I clicked on the first link that caught my eye, BRAND NEW, this link showed different brands logo changes and why it was a good change or bad one, I found this to be very interesting.

24-7 Design Heaven: I only looked at a few blogs but when the people had to say was very interesting, it's cool to see what designers think of modern designs in the world.

2modern: This site has some great designs and designs in creative places. I especially liked the Zebra tray and Bisque Radiators, but also this illustration of "Idea Killers:" 6a00d834522c5069e201287748672d970c-500wi.jpg

Visual Research for Project 1

Bruce Mau Design: Massive Change - This website is really cool, I love the design of it, with all the cool roll over changes and the roulette of words at the beginning to create different sentences. Also I really enjoyed the video on "How do you sustain the planet?" made for Arizona State University, it brought up a lot of good questions that might help me some design ideas.

Project M: I didn't really find anything useful from this site, for the project. However I didn't look through everything, and I really like this site and what they are doing.

Big Think Studios: :I like their studio philosophy #9, "Ads that emphasize despair are a turn-off. Humor, intelligence and truth will win the biggest audiences." This is right up my ally, I don't like to make depressing ads or works of art, I feel they for one a turn-off and also are cheesy.

When searching online I also found a cool idea that I might incorporate into my poster. It was a poster that said "coexistence," and where the "X" was, was also an "L" to also make it say "Listen."

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