Brett Favre

I have lived in Minnesota for virtually all my life, but I have always been a die-hard packer fan. I think I may actaully bleed green and gold. I have not missed a packer game since i was in second grade, and I have maintained that tradition throughout my experience here at the U of M. The reason i like the packers so much is Brett Favre, the Packers Quarterback. In addition to being one of the greatest QB's of all-time, he plays the game with a passion and a joy that is unlike that of any other player. Even though he has been playing for 16 NFL seasons, he plays the game like he is a kid. He frequently runs down and tackles his own players in the endzone after they score touchdowns. Favre always has a smile on his face, and plays the game like it is the last time he is going to step onto the field. Brett's joy for the game inspired me to play Quarterback, and i have tried to emulate that passion and intensity on the field here at the University of Minnesota.