This website, the online branch of the very popular women's magazine, has tiny articles giving advice on a wide range of things also covered in the hardcopy magazine. I was very surprised to find that these mini articles and other tips and tricks don't receive very many comments. Usually readers on other sites are more than willing to offer their opinion and make a comment on little articles. However, the most comments I have seen so far has been 12. Maybe this is because there is another outlet for information, the hardcopy magazine. I really thought this website would be more popular than some of the other websites that give similar information, such as fashion tips and relationship advice. However, other websites seem to have much more opinionated readers than this online supplement to Cosmopolitan magazine.

New York Times : Blogs

It seems as if newspapers are not only offering tradition coverage on news and events but also creating blogs to cover more specialized interests. Topics range from real estate to fashion to travel and stocks. You can tell what is most popular by the number of comments on the entries. From looking at various topics, it seems as if frugal traveling, diet and small business ownership are some of the most popular topics, ranging in 22 to 4 comments. Other blog entries have one or no comments at all. Comments on these blogs let editors and writers for the paper see what readers are really looking at and therefore they can create more articles that cover those topics. Hard copy magazines cannot do this, so it really shows a difference between online and hard copy delivery.

College Fashion

College Fashion

This website is all about fun fashion that can be worn by all kinds of fashion forward college females. This website is pretty much like any other fashion magazine you might find out there aimed at young women. However, the outfits put together are much more wearable and less costly than fashion spreads found in many of today's fashion magazines. The interesting thing I found was their freebie section. Instead of entering all of your person information in a drawing to win, reader must instead post comments. For a set of expensive makeup brushes, hopeful readers had to comment on the post with their top beauty products and they would be picked from their comments. I guess that's a way to really get the readers involved.

The Cut

The Cut is a fashion blog, sort of. Other fashion blogs I have seen take pictures of real people with outstanding taste or original takes on various trends and show them to the world. This blog just tells about various topics in fashion. It's not really helping anyone, unless people are really in desperate need of knowing such things as "Jennifer Anniston to Sell Perfume By Sitting on a Rock Naked and Alone." or "La Roux's Elly Jackson Is 'Pretty Ready to Get Rid of the Hair.'" People love to comment and give their input on Elly Jackson's hair and style choices and others say, "Yeah, I'm not digging this ad." I guess people really do just need an outlet for their overflowing opinions, and this is a great place to get it out, even if you don't know anything about fashion.

Olson Advertising

I was recently thinking about future careers I might want to get into and heard about Olson Advertising in my journalism class. I visited their website to see if there were any internships posted. Not only do newspapers and everyday people have blogs available for comment, companies do too.

There are posts from the CEO, discussing the company's approach to advertising and there are also entries showing off the latest ads created by the company. Comments are able to be posted to give feedback on ads or discuss different things covered in the blogs, but I don't see many comments actually being posted on the blogs.

I think it is very interesting that pretty much every website now, whether it be for businesses, random discussion, tv channels, or newspapers, has room for comments to be posted. This probably draws in readers and viewers because people love to give their opinions on different topics and show that they are participating in something beyond themselves and their lives.

Now hopefully I can find an internship.


This web-based newspaper gives lots of insight on a variety of issues. It covers local news, national and world news, politics, health, sports, arts, business. I'm pretty sure anyone could find something of interest and relevance to their life on this website. A bonus of using this website is readers will know they are getting credible information. The writers on this site are not just people making up their own content to get their voice out there, they are trained, experienced journalists who pride themselves in digging up and giving readers the facts. Comments can be posted by readers who want to thank writers for covering a topic or just to discuss the issues covered in the article. This gives people a way to expand their understanding of the article and also give other readers something more to think about long after they've read the article.

Girls Ask Guys

"Two Sides... All the Answers"

Many women's magazines, and even men's magazines, always try to tell readers what the opposite gender is thinking. Well, this website allows men and women to post questions and get answers from members of the opposite sex. There is a search bar that allows you to search for any topic and see what other people have asked and what comments people have left. There are also articles, videos, and contests. All questions and answers are public, allowing everyone to see and potentially use the advice given. This site mostly covers relationships and ways to attract the opposite sex, which is the function of many popular men's and women's magazines.

Naked With Socks On

"Revealing Everything While Still Leaving Something to the Imagination"

This is a relationship webzine/blog containing articles that share an experience and actually ask readers for their opinions at the end. All the stories relate to many real life events and feelings that many people will go through everyday. There are also topics that talk about things you might not be comfortable asking anyone about. All comments are public to everyone viewing the site. Many hardcopy magazines will give you advice because they know that some topics you just don't want to talk about out loud. This blog is very similar because it brings up and talks about those subjects while also allowing other people to put in their opinion, giving the reader even more information to consider.


"A Webzine of Astonishing Tales"

Flurb is a somewhat more specialized webzine than the Webzine. This webzine, which seems to come out bi-annually is for readers of fiction short stories. There are thirteen total stories in this spring/summer issue and all have pictures and a mini biography of the author at the end. This webzine also has an editor who starts off the site with an editor's note at the bottom of the home page. In many hardcopy magazines, articles will have a tiny section telling about the author and why they wrote the piece, similar to the mini biographies at the end of each story on this site. There is a comment button at the end of each story, but the comments don't seem to be public.

The Webzine

"The Internet Magazine for the Better Sort of Person"

This is a very general webzine that is for people who enjoy reading the opinions of others on very random topics. This webzine can be related to a magazine in the aspect that there is an editor who seems to approve the stories that are posted on the website. This site is full of opinion articles and personal stories ranging on topics from the DMV, views of Robert Ringer, and feelings of insecurity. Readers have the opportunity to post comments on these articles or to read the editors person blog. However, it seems as if this magazine has died. The year on the most recent article is 2006.