Olson Advertising

I was recently thinking about future careers I might want to get into and heard about Olson Advertising in my journalism class. I visited their website to see if there were any internships posted. Not only do newspapers and everyday people have blogs available for comment, companies do too.

There are posts from the CEO, discussing the company's approach to advertising and there are also entries showing off the latest ads created by the company. Comments are able to be posted to give feedback on ads or discuss different things covered in the blogs, but I don't see many comments actually being posted on the blogs.

I think it is very interesting that pretty much every website now, whether it be for businesses, random discussion, tv channels, or newspapers, has room for comments to be posted. This probably draws in readers and viewers because people love to give their opinions on different topics and show that they are participating in something beyond themselves and their lives.

Now hopefully I can find an internship.


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